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Posted by andreas from p3EE3C33B.dip.t-dialin.net ( on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 11:41AM :

In Reply to: horrible racist article posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, May 29, 2002 at 11:24AM :

Uri Avnery

Operations Order

If Ariel Sharon were to formulate his intentions as an military
operations order, like he used to do in the army, instead of hiding them
behind a host of smoke screens, it would look like this:

1. Aims:
To bring the Zionist Revolution to its conclusion, by turning all of
Eretz-Israel, from the sea to the Jordan river, into a Jewish state, with a
minimum of non-Jewish inhabitants (if any at all).

2. Information:
The 1948 War of Independence was broken off before achieving its
aim. The State of Israel was established only on 78% of the land, which
brought about the removal of only 64% of the Palestinians. In the 1967
Six-Day War we conquered the remaining 22% of the territories, but
successive Israeli governments lacked the necessary willpower to
conclude the Zionist revolution by annexing the territories and
removing the remaining Arab population.
Now a window of opportunity has opened for concluding the job.
Only one super-power (the US) remains; all the other powers (the UN,
Europe, Russia and others) have effectively been eliminated.
The US is now lending us unlimited and unqualified support. It is to
be hoped that it will continue to do so even when we employ harsh
methods in the pursuit of our national aims. Experience shows that even
when somebody in the American administration resists the
implementation of our aims, this resistance collapses when faced with
our determined stand (Operation "Defensive Shield"). Our control over
both houses of the Congress and our decisive influence on most of the
American media guarantee us freedom of action.

3. Methods:
Our task will be achieved by the following methods, to be employed
a. Military operations, to break the armed Palestinian resistance.
b. Economic pressure, to cause mass Arab emigration from the
c. Settlement activity, to cut up the territories and prepare them for
annexation to Israel.
d. Political action, to break the Palestinian political and social

4. Implementation:

(a) M i l i t a r y operations: These will be conducted incessantly,
without long pauses. The whole army, including the reserves, will be
employed for this task, even if this necessitates a weakening of our
preparedness vis-a-vis the Arab states and limiting training.
The IDF will occupy the Palestinian territories as needed, for long and
short periods, in order to catch, arrest or execute all Palestinian
militants who could organize resistance to our policy. For this purpose
there is no difference between terrorists and political leaders, between
armed or civil resistance, between Hamas and Fatah. Maximal
destruction of property will cause deterrence. This will be a repeated
action, in order to eliminate every new set of leaders as it emerges.
Our actions will necessarily increase the motivation for terrorists to
execute suicide-bombings in Israel. These will provide us – both in the
domestic and the international arena – with reasons for our military
action, which will be seen as a response.
The IDF will also assume a central role in exercising economic
pressure (as follows).
It must be ensured that no officer who does not wholeheartedly
support this task attains a senior position (Chief-of-Staff, officer in
charge of regional commands, chief of departments, commander of
divisions and brigades). For fulfilling a historic mission, hardness and
cruelty are needed; there can be no place for bleeding hearts.

(b) E c o n o m i c pressure: Mass expulsion, like in 1948, can be
effected only in a special situation, such as a fully-fledged war or during
an exceptional international event that draws away world attention.
Until this eventuality occurs, Palestinians must be induced to leave
the country by economic pressure that makes their life intolerable. Such
pressure will be achieved through closures and blockades that will
prevent the movement of merchants and workers, teachers and pupils,
doctors and patients. The whole economic life in the territories must be
gradually brought to a standstill, so that the ability of the heads of
families to feed their children is effectively destroyed.
IDF actions will enclose the Palestinians in small enclaves, where
they will receive some kind of limited local autonomy, so as to relieve us
of any formal responsibility for their situation.
In the prosecution of this policy, international public opinion and
international aid agencies must be taken into account. From time to
time, exceptions must be made to prevent extreme situations from

(c) S e t t l e m e n t activity: This is a central tool for fulfilling the
historic task. In spite of the fact that all Israeli governments since 1967
have understood this and acted accordingly, the tempo was slow. While
more than 30% of Judea and Samaria are part of the town planning
areas of the settlements, hardly more than 1% is actually settled. This is
an intolerable scandal which must be speedily rectified. All ministries
must take part in this urgent effort, devoting a considerable part of their
resources to it.
Existing settlements must be enlarged and new ones set up by all
possible means (takeovers after terrorist attacks, new neighborhoods
far from the existing settlements, etc.) The network of bypass roads
must be expanded rapidly in order to cut off Palestinians towns and
villages, to annex more land to the settlements and strengthen our
control on the ground. All this must be done according to the existing
strategic plan, which prevents Palestinian territorial continuity and
tightens the economic blockade.
For the settlement effort, the economic resources of all ministries
must be centralized and all other tasks must take second place. More
people, including new immigrants, must be encouraged to join the
settlements. If necessary, young couples should be offered villas at zero
cost. The flight of the factories from the settlement industrial parks,
following threats by the European Community, must be stopped.
The IDF will devote the necessary resources to the protection of the
settlements and the roads leading to them, even if this means calling up
the reserves and ordering a whole battalion to protect one single
isolated settlement.

(d) P o l i t i c a l pressure: Breaking the Palestinian leadership is a
central component of the whole campaign. In order to destroy the ability
of the Palestinians to resist, the central leadership, and especially
Yasser Arafat, who is a unifying symbol and a strong leader, must be
eliminated. Therefore, the whole propaganda effort must be
concentrated on Arafat personally. Every Palestinian factor that is ready
to fight against Arafat (including Hamas) must be exploited, as well as
anti-Arafat utterances by Israeli left-wing extremists. Arafat will be
physically eliminated once the international situation permits.
At the same time, in-fighting between second-row Palestinian leaders
must be encouraged, in order to create a leadership vacuum, such as
existed in 1948.

All these pressures – military, economic, settlement and political –
must be increased, until the situation of the Palestinians becomes so
intolerable that they prefer to move to Jordan. If a historical opportunity
for mass expulsion should present itself, we shall exploit it rapidly. The
apparatus for this must already be prepared now.
The Israeli Arabs are a special problem, as they have been given (by
mistake) Israeli citizenship. The problem demands a creative solution, in
accordance with our main aims.

: There is a link on the bottom of this page to a horrible, racist article by John Deberyshire, a contributing editor to the National Review magazine. It's found on the website National Review Online.

: In "Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?" he endorses the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians as "the best option" to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. His rationale for this, and his explanation for "Why Don’t I Care About the Palestinians?" seems to be simply that they are Arabs. In a moment of pure racism, he argues that "Being Arabs, they [the Palestinians] are incapable of constructing a rational polity..."

: The National Review Online has been the site of numerous offensive and outrageous columns in recent months, but in this case they have chosen to publish an article advocating not only a massive war crime, but what would, given the scope and scale of the crime advocated, undoubtedly constitute a crime against humanity.

: To complain, write to National Review editor Rich Lowry, and tell him that no journal or website that prints articles advocating war crimes and crimes against humanity, not to mention such unabashed, open racism, can be considered respectable or responsible.

: richardlowry@hotmail.com

-- andreas
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