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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, June 10, 2002 at 1:01PM :

>Dear Sir Parhad,
>Oh well, I was correct all along. You asked first or last is not the point.

+++++Where were you correct EVER? You have been trying to prove that Chaldeans don't exist today...I asked you for proof...you brought out nothing. Figuring you must have some proof that you are an Assyrian, or you wouldn't be making such unverifiable claims yourself...I asked you for proof that you are indeed Assyrian...you shot back that you don't need to prove anything because, "indeed you are". So I concluded that what is good for the Assyrian is good for the Chaldean...and I said that "indeed we are", is all the proof you or I need to back up any claims to being Assyrians OR Chaldeans. Then I speared you.

You don't go asking Iranians today to prove that they are Persians;

++++Well actually there is a little thing called a passport and a birth certificate too that states place of birth. But of course not...you don't argue with Iranians or Chaldeans or Assyrians for that matter...you just graciously take them at their word...like we

-- panch
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