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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, June 10, 2002 at 1:28PM :

In Reply to: Aprim again.. posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, June 10, 2002 at 1:01PM :

That got tis

>Dear Sir Parhad,
>Oh well, I was correct all along. You asked first or last is not the point.

+++When were you EVER correct about anything? The point is that you can't answer a simple question. You have no proof that you are Assyrian and I have none that I am Chaldean...PERIOD. You keep asking Chaldeans for proof...proof you can't provide yourself. You don't see how absurd or rude it would be for anyone to ask you for proof...yet you persist in asking Chaldeans for proof...proof you can't provide yourself.

You don't go asking Iranians today to prove that they are Persians; you don't go around asking Egyptians that they are descendants of ancient Egyptians; you don't go around asking Greeks to prove that they are descendants of the ancient Greeks; why are you then demanding that I prove to you that I am an Assyrian?

+++I am only asking you to provide what you ask Chaldeans to provide. You can ask people for their passports or birth certificates at least...but that wont prove they are descendants of the ancients. In our case there isn't even that much documentation. You are the one who half reads books and tries to prove that the Chaldeans of old ended long ago, and this new designation of Chaldean is some modern bit of trickery. Well the same is true for any modern claims to being Assyrians. The Assyrians can be said to have ended long ago, as the Chaldeans did...then where do EITHER of us come off making the claim that we are either Assyrian or Chaldean?

>As I told you, you don't have to prove to me that you are a Chaldean. But I will prove to you that you are NOT.

+++You can't do it...go ahead and try!!!! All I would have to do is use your same method on you...which I already did in the last post and which you conveniantly ignored. Any way you try to prove I am NOT Chaldean...I will use to prove you are NOT Assyrian...go ahead...TRY IT!!!

This was the same argument you and Mr. Ghassan Hanna used when you were buddies!

+++We were no more buddies than you and I were when we ate lunch together. I don't chose my friends by their proximity to me or by Zip Code. I have no buddies...I made sure of that.

<b><font size="6">I am not obligated to prove to you that I am an Assyrians, the burden of proof is on you to prove that I am NOT.</b></font>

+++No it isn't...for I don't care to waste the time and like I told you, and you also cannot prove a negative. It is my pleasure to point out to you your glaring fallacies and fantasies and show people what they think they have in you when they call you a "treasure". Fortunately the same people call me an we know they are consistently wrong.

+++You are obligated to be consistant and fair...especially when you dare challenge scholars...I mean REAL ones. You think you can prove there are no Chaldeans today...but you can't. You claim to be Assyrian...but can offer no proof except the old..."because I know I am". That's all we Chaldeans have to say or offer as proof. If it's good enough for the Assyrian, it's good enough for the Chaldean.

>Therefore, are you going to continue the nonsense empty talk and analyse my posts line by line or get to work?

+++What nonsense talk? I merely challenged you to prove anything you claim about Chaldeans...and allow us to use your same method to prove you either are or are not an Assyrian. So far you have offered nothing...though you say you can prove I am NOT go ahead...DO IT!!!

+++What kind of a "scholar" are you? Do you NOT analyse the books you read "line by line"? Or do you do exactly what I said you do...skip over and hop around finding what you THINK serves your purpose...misunderstanding the whole point? Is that sound scholarship to you?

If you continue in the manner you are known for, this will be my last post.

+++++What manner am I known for? Is there anything disrespectful in anything I've said? Were you not disrespectful of professor Antilla when you said, loud enough to be heard, that he was a weak lecturer...and all because you didn't understand what he said, or didn't like what you heard? Is that what a scholar and a treasure does? This will be your last post because you can't get your way easily. You are an investigator who already knows what he WANTS to find...what he HAS to find. You are neither fair nor a good scholar and investigator should be. Professor Antilla isn't trying to PROVE anything...he has no "agenda"...he is merely interested in understanding and comparing and sharing...and you are not.

I am not interested to waste time with your garbage talk.

+++Why is it garbage talk all of a sudden? Is this how a scholar behaves? You are more petulant child than anything else...which suits this "nation" in its diapers very weell...but does not promote its interests. At the end of the day you have done nothing but give some few people, as feebly constructed as you are, a bit of fluffy "hope"...and it all melts away and falls apart at the slightest test or pressure. What you can't answer must be garbage... Great scholarship potential.

<b><font size="6">Can you prove to me that I am not an Assyrian?

+++I wouldn't dream of trying. You are the one trying to prove people are not who they believe they are...people who believed their dear parents, as you did. It is rude and destructive of you to do so. If you could provide any proof that you are what you say you are, then you might have a leg to stand on...but you can't. You smugly contend that you KNOW you are Assyrian because, "indeed I am"...yet you wont allow us Chaldeans to say the same. Why?

>Fred Aprim

-- panch
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