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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 9:09AM :

Still waiting Aprim. The slop in your articles is the whole point here....it proves nothing, nothing at all. You merely state the obvious, that Chaldeans once existed, as did the Assyrians. Then you say the modern Chaldeans can't be related to the ancient Chaldeans because of a whole specious argument that couldn't hold water anywhere but in here, preaching to THIS addlepated choir. Then you top the whole disgusting thing off by saying you MUST be Assyrian because, "indeed I am".

When you're challenged to show proof for any of this nonsense, you direct a person back to the same articles that are being called into question in the first place. If you were anything but a "weak scholar" you'd know better than to play at tautology and tripe.

How do you suppose you would fare if you were at the lectern and professor Antilla in the audience...and he were as rude and foolish as you are? Would you even dare to get up there? How about you on the stand for a change speaking this crap to a roomful of real and respected and noted scholars who haven't a point they feel they HAVE to prove before they ever read a book? Would you do it? Of course not cause you'd get the drubbing you so richly deserve.

We are desperate to produce scholars and heroes and journalists and leaders and we don't much care what we have to make them out of. Nimrod is a leader as is Bejan and Lewi and Golani...people who presume to speak for us and write letters in our name...and you are a scholar and a great thinker and a national treasure because we are so damn desperate and don't know how to stop forcing our young people to run screaming in the night that we try to make do with people like them, and you.

It is a depressing cycle that has to stop. We have people with fine minds and keen intellects who so far unfortunately use them to benefit others and not their own communities. part of the reason is people like you who try the patience of serious people with something meaningful in life to do.

When you could find nothing else to say a while back you threatened to "expose how I raise my children". Is that what Assyrians did? Did they pick on an adversaries children when all else failed them? This is what you guys have ever used to get rid of opposition because you knew the brightest were also the most sensitive to these kinds of smear and slander campaigns...that, as they had several options before them...many places where they would be treated decently, they would just leave us and say..."why bother". Which is what you and so many others hope I'll eventually do.

All it took was for me to tell you whatever you had to reveal could be no worse than the time you and I were caught French kissing in a toilet at the Bus Terminal. I played your same stupid trick back on you...only better...and we never heard about my children again, or you...as you went roaming the Mideast soon after.

My eldest son is 14 now and can handle himself. he is a good match for you and can dispense with you easily...would you care to take him on? Come to think of it my daughter and even youngest son could give you a keelhauling without too much trouble. What do you say?

-- pancho
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