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Posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-64-49.LTU.EDU ( on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 9:53AM :

In Reply to: Aprim reducks and sucks too posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, June 11, 2002 at 9:09AM :

Re: Come on Aprim!!!


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Written by pancho on 11 Jun 2002 15:57:22:

As an answer to: Re: Come on Aprim!!! written by Anonymous on 11 Jun 2002 06:55:44:

>First we make two assumptions.
>Number 1, modern Assyrians are the same people as ancient Assyrians.
>Number 2, modern Chaldeans are the same people as ancient Chaldeans.
>As you've made clear both these assumptions may be wrong. If they are wrong they can be disproved.

+++No they can't. That doesn't follow at all. If I make an assumption that bananas grow on Pine trees and have always grown only on Pine trees...but I can't find any modern instance of a banana growing on a Pine tree, that only proves that they don't now grow on Pine trees. Nothing precludes the possibility that they might at one time have grown on Pine trees. Can't prove a negative. I can prove that Chaldeans and Assyrians once existed...I can also prove that they both became Christians while others became Muslims. That doesn't mean that anyone claiming to be an Assyrians today, who is Christian or Muslim...has any connection whatsoever to the ancients...who were neither Christian nor Muslim. No more than any other Arab or cannibal living in that region.

>Fred has provided evidence that modern Chaldeans are not the same people as ancient Chaldeans.

++++You people start out by taking a hypothesis as a sworn is not. Aprim has merely provided a selective number of phrases from sources he didn't read or understand. He has proven no such thing, that's the whole point...there is NO proof at all of any link or any non-link. The same is true in the case of the Assyrians. Just because there were Assyrians once upon a time does not mean that anyone claiming to be Assyrian today has any connection to the ancient Assyrians...none at all. Assyrians simply say, "we KNOW we are the same". They feel the statement is enough and needs no further or any proof. Chaldeans are merely using that same trick on Assyrians...and why not?

So assumption number 2 is, at the very least, in doubt.

+++++It is in as much doubt as the other assumption. You settle an argument by stating as a proven fact the wild notion you present at the beginning and TELL me that it is a proven fact...when that is exactly what I am challenging anyone to prove. Aprim has proven nothing except that he is no scholar of any kind and can't frame an argument to save his life.

++++When I tell him his articles mean nothing and prove nothing he responds with..." oh want proof huh? Go read MY ARTICLES!!!"

>Can you provide evidence that modern Assyrians are not the same people as ancient Assyrians in order to case doubt on assumption number 1?

++++I would never do such a silly thing...why would I? There is no proof that we are...there is none that we aren't...and I don't have to prove anything to anybody. My Assyrian half is as safe and secure as my Chaldean half. You are the ones casting doubt on people for not being able to "prove" what you can't prove either...neither about yourselves nor about them. The whole thing is a farce and a joke.

++++Assyrians BELIEVE they are descended from the ancients...and Chaldeans BELIEVE they are as well. Nothing more needs to be said...unless you guys want to prove you can't be Assyrian at all because the ancients were hardly this dense.

++++The mentality Aprim displays is good enough to eke out a living as a suppliant at the door of would never do for building cities and empires and institutions...therefore, he cannot BE related to the ancient Assyrians who NEVER came around to America, or any Christian country begging for anything.

-- Jeff
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