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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 10:00AM :

In Reply to: stupid pancho posted by Lilly from ? ( on Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 8:31AM : we go again....

: xxx I never called you a "dirty old man." AFTER I sent you the pictures, you started acting like a "jerk"

+++No....I was jerking BEFORE the pictures arrived...they ruined everything.

- THAT is what I'll call you. IN FACT, I had NO IDEA you were going to act so stupid or mean - from our more-or-less pleasant exchange of emails & posts BEFORE I sent those funny pictures of myself, you morphed into some sort of weirdo, trying to point out some supposed neurosis of mine, AFTER I sent you those pictures.

+++Before I morphed and after you sent the pictures but before you called, after we e-mailed and before i saw ther real you, after you called from the shower, before getting undressed...uh...wait, before you dressed and after you showered to go before the board...wait...before i called you, after you wrote to me and before you sent the teleph...hold it...BEFORE I knew you, after I started this thingie and before you found the site, after you found out you had Finns, which was before your father said...just a minute....

I honestly would never have thought you'd do that to me - I thought you at least *mildly* respected me. But I was wrong. It is your blatant disrespect for me that made me stop emailing you.

+++Who disrespects you you Southern Slut?

: xxx BUT, you know what I think? You somehow have this impression that I'm like Jackie - in fact, you've even mentioned that before in your posts. So, what you have done is project aspects of her personality onto me - & THAT is YOUR neurosis.

+++She HAS no personality and she's way more stacked than you THERE! And while we're on the subject, what are all these "nice" projections you keep refering to? Just whose, and what is projecting nicely where? Weirdette!

See where you say I have a "ploy"

+++I said a boy, a BOY!

- well, I *never* had ANY "ploy" except to make you laugh, you freak. You are the one thinking I have some sort of "ploy."

+++YOU kept telling us about this Ployfirend this BIG Ployfriend...this LOVELY Ployfriend! What do you want from me????

NOW I realize that you think I'm like some other woman you've encountered. YOU were the one who mentioned on the board that I'd sent you pictures, & then you proceeded to make fun of me, suggest that the pictures were indecent, & then call me ugly & vain.

+++++The pictures are not indecent ...YOU are. You aren't ugly...just vain. Your vanity has to do with everyone and his brother OR sister being the kind of low life people who just HAVE to do to you what was done to you and didn't HAVE to be. Now however...every guy you send pictures to, and giggle to...and tell you are showering to, will FINALLY say what you need him to, what you set him up to you can say, "How dare you!!!"

That's one type of disrespect right there. & notice this: no one else on the board did that, even the people I sent the pictures to, as well. Just you. How the hell was I supposed to know you'd act like that?

++++So you got lucky with me and like a chump I actually answered your weird siren call and got burned for it. I don't mind. I've supplied the grist for lots of people's fanrasies...even a perennially pre-pubescent cutie such as yourself. One day you WILL grow up.

: xxx In fact, I was so concerned because you acted as if you hated & disrespected me for *NO* reason, NOT because you are a "dirty old man." YOU call YOURSELF that. You sent me raunchy come-ons as jokes - I didn't ask for these. & I take that as a form of disrespect, especially given the context - you were alternating insults with raunchy jokes.

++++No, no...sweet cheeks. I was giving YOU what you called and wrote and sent photos for. It was either that or find you showering on my doorstep.

: xxx Anyway, you can continue your behavior out in the open on your own forum. It's your choice. It only makes you look worse.

+++I ONLY try to look worse.

: xxx & of course, every once in a while I'm going to get mad at you & either be sarcastic or just as vulgar back at you - it's the only way I know to get you to stop & consider what your behavior looks like to me.

+++You can't get enough of this "tewibble" behavior...who you kiddin'? Go fool your Ployfriend.

-- panch
-- signature .

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