Can I Sue Her And The Federation?

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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 10:25AM :

...and her club? I think I can...I mean and stand a snowballs chance in court.

The things Jackie wrote I can prove were untrue. It was NOT a loan, it was NOT a land swindle. I can prove it by asking them to produce a document or contract. In a land deal especially, if you don't have a contract, there was no deal. She claims it's a "swindle"...that means specific things. She didn't say, " I THINK he swindled me". She said I DID swindle her. Right there she has lied, or rather Lincoln has because he knows it wasn't a loan OR a swindle. They can THINK it's a swindle, I have no problems with that, but there is no proof that it was. I never thought, and I still don't think, that Lincoln will knowingly lie in court.

It's an important distinction. Where is her proof that I knew anything was shady with the deal? Lincoln asked me to negociate for him...I didn't call him from Mexico and try to entice him into anything...and when I told him to deal directly with the people down there, he insited I do it for him. Am I THAT clever

She also said my family calls me a crook, or words to that effect. Okay...who in my family told her that? She didn't say, "I hear his family says he's a crook". She said, "you can ask them...they say he is"...or words to that effect.

She claims it as a fact that I used her to get to her friends, though I don't know what that's supposed to signify if I did it. She called one friend of hers and told him to come right over to her house and when he got there she told him he just had to buy a piece from me...and he pulled out his checkbook and did it. That and one other sale just last year of the famous tiny bull for $500, are the only instances of friends who I tried to "get to"...and she did it on her own...I never asked her.

In the case of the tiny bull, the person who wanted that had been after me for four years or more to make it for her. I never did, though I wanted to...just didn't have the time. It was sort of because of Jackie that I did it after all, because she told me this woman confided in her that she felt "inadequate" as a person or something...felt she got no respect. This is another instance of what Jackie does best, this telling "secrets" us dummies who think we are privileged...close to the Throne etc...and who leave her presence "wondering" about each other. I knew it was nonsense...I know the person in question.

For the rest, I ignored her each and every time she would say..."I have a friend who just HAS to have a sculpture of yours." I would say something like, "oh, that's nice", and never mention it again. I knew what she was doing...trying to make me dependent and grateful to her...she'd even said she would be my contact person, in other words all goodness and cash would flow through her. I never took the bait except once...towards the end when she'd said she would get a buyer for a sculpture so we'd have the money to pay off and install Shumirum. That was to be the Chariot, and she'd told me before about a friend who just HAD to have it...another hint I'd ignored...but I changed my mind this time because there was a deadline and I had no alternative...for myself I would never have done it...but this was for the monument...and I've taken all sorts of crap from everyone and their cousin for the sake of the monuments.

-- panch
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