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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 10:55AM :

In Reply to: Can I Sue Her And The Federation? posted by panch from ( on Sunday, June 16, 2002 at 10:25AM :

The reason I can sue the Federation and John and Atour and the others who don't live in California is because the Federation has no home proper, but transfers its Wurld Headquarters to the kitchen of whoever happens to be its president. Only Atour that I know of actually got an office for his presidency.

The Federation, and its affiliates, travel around the country like any touring bunch of chimpanzees, putting on a show wherever there is a tent big enough.

They travelled to San Jose last year and did their dirt here, then left town...apes in tow. I think therefore that the courts here have jurisdiction. Even Nimrod continued his years long assault on the truth of the Shumirum and me...spreading more of the lies that have damamged me, hurt the Hammurabi, my reputation AND contributed to the climate, the ongoing climate created by him in the first place, under which it is impossible to install the from San Jose.

Now Jeff has not been in California, has never met Jackie. No matter what kinds of shoes Shawn court will use his flimsy, "we believes", to haul Jeff out here for a trial...for WHAT? They can show NO link between Jackie's claims and Jeff...and Shawn knows it and Jackie knows it. These are just Turk tactics...this calling and suing and demanding that she loves to do cause Assyrian balls rattle and drop and she loves that sound more than any other.

The current leadership of the Federation abbrogated a long standing policy in regards to me and my work...and I have the one letter of invitation from Chicago showing in writing just what our arrangements had been for years. If they wanted to change policies they should have contacted me earlier...given me the contract before the actual convention, like they did for all the other artists...instead of handing it to me the last day and making a mockery of it anyway as they weren't enforcing it against anyone BUT me. There has to be an explanation for these bizarre a reasonable person on the jury has to understand...I can't wait to hear it.

-- panch
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