Careful What You Wish For

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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, July 01, 2002 at 8:26AM :

Let's say by some miracle an Assyria was created...that all those Muslims...many of them undoubtedly Assyrians...were pushed aside and a Christian Assyria created with borders and the whole thing. Now what?

Who made it posible...who "helped" us and what do we owe in return...what service are we expected to provide? Surely you don't think someone is going to make a country for us because our mother's loved us you?

As hostile as Muslims have been forced to become towards the Jews they had always lived with in harmony before(remember Civil Wars and inter-religious wars happen all the time) now would any Christian enclave be greeted by a sea of Muslims surrounding it.

You sure you want to go live there, and take your family too? Remember we have options the Jews didn't have in 1947. We have Miami Beach and Chicago and San Francisco and Turlock where there are no hordes of angry Muslims outnumbering fact where Muslims have to tread very carefully indeed.

We are living in the most powerful nation on earth...where Pluralism and Democracy still exist...protected and coddled and with a vast array of choices open to us and our children.

You guys SURE you want to go live in any Assyria that would be wrenched from the grasp of Muslims who remember it as their country for the last 1400 years?

You sure?

-- panch
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