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Posted by Julia from ( on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 at 10:52AM :

In Reply to: Re: palestinians posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, July 02, 2002 at 10:39AM :

: : : Pick Up A Copy of The New York Times...I like that. So? Should I read it too...all of it? What am I looking for? Don't get the point...I surely don't get the point.

: : >>Read their editorials...they've been consistently in support of the palestinians and not israelis. so has washpost. but read washington times, wall street, national interest...and you get support for israelis.

: ++++I still don't get the overall point. People take sides on issues...I knew that. there isn't total anything anywhere...but then what?

>>that there are a good number of liberals, some of which American, some of which Christian, some of which just live in America and may not consider themselves American, WHATEVER, that support Palestinians.

There was a march in DC to the Mall...there were New Black Panthers, Arabs, Whites, Pro palestinian Jews, College students, bystanders, gays and lesbians....all out there for the palestinian cause.

my point is that while the american government is and has been consistently pro israel, the american public and the media has dedicated a fair amount of time supporting israel. Jeff says that CNN has not been pro palestinian, but Israeli media threatened a while back to cut CNN because they have been consistently supporting palestinians...

my point is: not everyone in America hates palestinians and loves israelis as you make it out to be.

-- Julia
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