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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 4:39PM :

In Reply to: Makes me laugh every time I read it. posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 4:28PM :

The Trash get exposed..few units short of trashology!!!

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Written by Ghassan on 02 Jul 2001 04:30:16:

It seems "Trash Exposer" has truely exposed the trash Farthead. The clown in a clear violation of his claims of "freedom from censorship" (meaning he can insult all people he would like using his "standards of vulgarity") could not take the insults thrown at him by "Trash Exposer" which uses his own "standards of vulgarity".

It seems our bum found his match and even more. Actually, and more accurately, the trash found his exposer. You see this bum and high school drop out was reigning "King of Vulgarity" on Chaldeans and Suryoyo Forums since people that post here and there have much higher morality standards than that fried brain, till finally the trash came across another individual with his own standards. Suddenly, our trash found himself unable to match those standards.

With 'Trash Exposer" pressure mounting as well as being direct in exposing the trash, our bum finally succumbed and could no longer take the pressure and went for the ultimate that he so much complained about, that is "censorship".

I am not really sure which hurt our trash more, the direct hits of our "Trash Exposer" or his vulgarity in sending the message. Our clown claims it was the vulgarity, I say it was the Trash Exposer ability to expose our trash for what he really is ... trash and a bum. My proof is our trash DELETED ALL his Trash Exposer messages apart from ONE ONLY. Ironically, he kept his own responses to messages by the Trash Exposer in the whole thread while deleting the subject matter of Trash Exposer.

Funny, I've seen moderators deleting a message and then responding to it in a new thread, but I've not seen someone deleting messages but keeping his responses and his buddies' insults in the main thread. Our trash sure has been hurt deeply by the "Trash Exposer". His bum's ego has been trashed. In his logic you should never trash him that good, only partially, but if you prove to be a master in his game, well, he simply can't take it.

Our trash got exposed and his "freedom from Assyrian/Chaldean Censorship" simply showed its true colors which is "I fried brain P@rhad wants freedom from Assyrian/Chaldean Censorship to say what I WANT TO SAY. That is you don't censor what I want to say on YOUR FORUMS, but I could censor what you want to say on MY FORUM"... with that, the clown has spoken!!

Sure the Trash Exposer language was no different than that of our trash as can be seen by the following collection of our trash "standards of vulgarity":

The bum in his own words

Speaking of which, in a question directed by "Michael" to our bum about his "academic accomplishment", our clown made the following statement:

"Previuosly I had studies Sociology but also ran out screaming into the night a few units short of a degree...Thank GOD! "

The question I have for our high school drop out is HOW MANY UNITS short?? Before asking the name of the university or community college, could he post his "HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA" if he has it?

Bum, I thought we just finished with Narsai David "degree" thing, are you now claiming you have "credit towards a sociology degree" meaning you even have a high school diploma??

I hope you weren't "high" when you posted that statement, but then by now how many of your brain’s cells are still functioning and not burned and over roasted?

By the way, clown, you have not answered the question, “why you’re not allowing your kids to go to school.. bum ..any reason? Hope it’s not a result of your “sociology credits”???

Bum, no one is attacking your kids, don't hide behind that, but sure I am attacking you bum for not sending your kids to school. Trash, send them to school ..Bum, stop victimizing your kids.... It's you bum the subject not your kids, don't cry wolf and hide behind your kids, bum, it's always you the issue, bum.

Hey, bum, what happened to your "representing the Assyrian nation against Dr. Ross" after the thugs of AINA trashed you out now (that is assuming that the college did not take my request into consideration and cancel it altogether for the insult and shame it brings the Assyrian name (my name too, you see) of having AINA thugs pick up a bum and a high school drop out to speak for that name and to debate a philosophy professor)? Well, may be we have to wait for the New Semester surprise!!!

I told you bum, I might not speak your language of showing off your "bumship", but I sure would toy with you for quite some time. By the way, I've made copies of your posts about coming to my company in protest about its "military weapons design" to the US Army which you claim is "killing Iraqis". I am hoping with that, few of the "red nicks" nuts of my company would be preparing a "reception party" for you. May be they even send you one all the way to Saint Helena.

Speaking of which, bum, who posted your home address on the Internet? Good question, bum, who else but YOU YOURSELF BUM? YES, clown, it's you yourself who posted your OWN ADDRESS on AINA when you cut and pasted my "private email" to you which included your home address? You want proof, bum, sure.. anytime fried brain..any time bum. Click on this link:

The Clown Posting his Own Home Address on AINA

read the first line, bum.
By the way, that message was kept posted by peter jasim for at least 3 weeks when he was "so proud of you" attacking me before you got trashed.

I sure used to have lots of laughter when you used to run to Saint Helena police complaining about "the conspirators who are after your bumship". I wanted to keep this post of yours as a "surprise" for the St. helena policeman you promised to send me as a "proof" of your clownship. I know, having fried most of your brain cells, forgeting such things and panicking at the first sign of pressure is well understood.

Today, I am in good mood and decided to "disclose" few things to you, but then I had made up my mind to make you realize how far you went. You know I didn't like that, don't you, bum.. don't you, bum?


Bum, just in case you were wondering why I cancelled my legal action and stopped short of sending you the notice,..well, after thorough investigation about your "credential" (as you can see I know few things about you, and more that I have not spelled out yet), I came to the conclusion that taking a bum to court would simply means me wasting money to the lawyers over a bum, with hardly any benefit to gain from court apart from a "restraining order". That's not good enough for me. I wanted to get the last penny you got from Detroit for your future gargoyle of Hammurabi.

Realizing that you're a true bum with nothing to show for (to the level you even live off your old father-in-law as well as live in the old man's house in Saint Helena and even refused to leave it when he asked you to), I realized I'd better keep the money I have to spend on the lawyer for my own kids and just have to deal with you for the bum you're and in due time taking care of you in my own way.


-- Jeff
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