Makes me laugh every time I read it.

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 4:28PM :

In Reply to: Priceless... [Re: To Fried brain] posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 4:17PM :

Written by Ghassan on 30 Jun 2001 07:49:27:


On "Trash Exposer", whomever he/she might be, I sure enjoy many
things he throws at you. You deserve them all and more. After all you're
a bum,
fried brain, a clown, and a high school drop out.

Saying that, Jeff Atto is a very good young friend of mine and I
sure don't like to see him attacked. He has done nothing wrong to me. On
the contrary,
he has helped me with this website and spent many hours working on
it and improving it. He had access to this whole "Chaldeans On Line"
website till
recently when I had to change the password myself after his
deferring my request that he change it for me. That's where I dislike
the attacks of "Trash
Exposer" against him, otherwise, MAY Trash Exposer SHOWER YOU WITH
HIS INSULTS till you explode with the trash you're made out of.

Do I have to tell you what your fate would be if you showed up at
my work? It won't only be me whom you have to face, but Kaiser
Electronics would
make sure you spend the night in San Jose "bums' den" for
endangering its employees and tress passing. Well, that could get you
anywhere from few
months to few years with your own bums kind. So, be a man and show

What shall I do with you, idiot? I mean, your picture, who you're
and where you live is known and you still throw threats to show off.
Bum, do you feel
your days are coming?


-- Jeff
-- signature .

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