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Posted by Jeff from ( on Friday, July 05, 2002 at 4:17PM :

Re: To Fried brain

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Forum ]

Written by Webmaster on 29 Jun 2001 20:55:38:

As an answer to: To AOL account holders written by Webmaster on 29
Jun 2001 03:11:37:


Switching to "" account will not help you export your
filth into this Forum. I shall block them as I register one IP of yours
after the other.

Stay in your "Trash Land" where you can find people that will
appreciate bums, fried brains, clowns and fathers that keep their
children out of school.

Fried brain,

What is it with your attacks against Jews when your own sister is
married to one? Could it be that Jewish brother-in-law of yours refused
to hand you
money to keep your bum's life style as your father-in-law is doing
now? I believe that could be the only reason for your clear hatred
against Jews.

Fried brain,

Before you continue your dirt-spreading spree to "educate people"
(as you call it), try to allow your own 3 young children from your
second marriage
to go to school to be educated so they won't grow up as bums like
yourself. That is, assuming the fourth one from the first one is too old
for it now and
has become your own first victim.

Don't force your bum's life style and the twisted logic of your
mentally disturbed personality on your own kids. Allow them some fresh
air away from a
fried brain father who has nothing to show in his 54 years of
miserable existence apart from kissing the butt of his own old
father-in-law for few pennies
to support his own family. I guess when you're a bum, dignity is
never a factor.

Finally, stop dirtying this place with your posts. Fartheads and
fried brains are not welcome in this Forum. Stay in your "Trash Land".


-- Jeff
-- signature .

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