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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, July 08, 2002 at 9:26PM :

In Reply to: so I suck sometimes (not in THAT way). posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, July 08, 2002 at 4:40PM :

I don't know which things you refer to as a understand disease you sometimes find yourself in hip boots in a swamp trying to find some small critter or mushroom to study...90% of the time it's a waste of time...and you can look pretty silly as you emerge from the swamp with a frog in your all you have to show for a million dollar research grant.

There isn't anything silly in trying to stop these people from stopping the monuemts for the reasons they have. If they were intellectual giants we wouldn't be here now. What do you suggest I say to someone who tells me a letter from his own Federation vice-president promising me a room for my sculpture...doesn't have to be honored because it is , "not a letter from God"?

Sure...I can walk away and not deal with these kinds of people...I can enroll in an art school or teach at one and only agree to deal with sane and smart people.

Our sane and smart people have run out screaming...what we have are these hill tribes who've come here and chased the rest of us away. And everyone who claims to be a lot smarter and classier than I am...way above this sort of personal pettines...turned and walked away when it was their turn to protect and defend the good gifts they brought to our people, that were thrown back in their faces or stolen from them and put to work for the glorification of a hero or two.

I can't help the quality of people I'm up against...or the limitations placed on me because the same people got together to rob me of my ability to support my family, or hire the lawyers they can.

We all do the best we can...this is mine.

As far as Lina is concerned...I'll do anything to get ahead...ANYTHING!

-- panch
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