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Posted by Qasrani [rp] from LTU-207-73-65-124.LTU.EDU ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 11:48AM :

In Reply to: Qasrani: Re: Gifvilte Fish!!! posted by Jeff (reposted by Jeff) from LTU-207-73-65-124.LTU.EDU ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 6:39AM :


Posted By: Qasrani <> (
Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2002, at 11:24 a.m.

In Response To: Qasrani: Re: Gifvilte Fish!!! (Jeff)

All I've got to say is "AHOOOOO!"

Jeff, perhaps the things I was saying were coming off as very similar to what already gets posted here by some and that's why you felt the need to give me your baby version of "Nation Building 101" but you didn't get what I was trying to say, b/c you were too busy jumping to quick conclusions so you can make some quick answers.

So, here we go:

: Re: Gifvilte Fish!!!

: Qasrani,
: Not all Assyrians born in the west went on to
: become successful in prominent universities
: worldwide. We have our share of drug
: dealers, criminals, and other non educated
: people.

Yes. I didn't say "all" in my original post. I said "many."

: Look at how successful the
: Asian ethnic groups are in higher education.
: We don't compare.

Yes. And we'll never compare to ethnicity that outnumber us over a 1,000 fold.

: *****
: What you may not realize is that back before
: the Gulf War, Iraq hosted seminars and
: symposia on every scientific subject, with
: doctors coming from around the world to
: learn the latest research.

Yes. I know this. And it falls right under my concern. 1) Arabic is a language that has continued to develop and expand due to its pervasive use. Kurdish can hardly compare. I can imagine what sorts of academic conferences are going to be hosted in a Kurdistan of your dreams. LOL...And the participants! Are they going to have simultaneous translation from Kurdish to everybody else's language and back? Don't get me started, Jeff.

I happen to know
: quite a few former Iraqi (Chaldean)
: physicists, chemists, doctors who used to
: travel the world going to these academic
: events... Iraq was at the forefront and if
: the people are ever given a chance again
: (that is, if this open ended war ever ends),
: I am confident that they will be just as
: successful.

You make a huge leap from "Iraq" to "they" which I'm guessing means "Kurds." But Iraq is one thing, Kurdistan is another thing. I'm making the distinction between the two. Iraq rocks, Kurdistan sucks. Is that simple enough for the MTV generation? LOL...Now people, please don't harp on that blip of a comment there. I was just being facetious.

: I sense in you an underlying
: dislike for all things "kurd".

I don't care about all things Kurd to dislike them. I only ponder the ramifications of the establishment of a Kurdish state on the basis of "indigenous" arguments in the Assyrian heartland.

: No, I will NOT take a bathey.

Ba'athis today, no-I wouldn't take those either. But Ba'athis in their hay day...well, they were goint to stop at nothing short of a total regional renaissance. Unfortunate how things take a turn for the horrific when you have the wrong people at the helm. Kind of like George II in the US today.

: ******
: I still don't understand your use of the word
: "cower". Let me ask you something.
: First, some facts. Less than 5% of the
: people in the North are Assyrian.

Yes, I hate it when people make us out to seem like we have greater clout in the area than we actually do.

: So, let's say you live in the North with this
: tiny, tiny minority and the majority offers
: you a few seats in the Parliament, and
: offers to take a few of your expert and make
: them the secretaries of energy or
: something... or maybe housing... would you
: say no??

No, I don't say "no." But I don't accept it blindly and not realize that every carrot has a stick. And I don't understand why you and Stella don't want me to discuss the stick. Because the stick is there and we're getting reemed up the wazoo with it. So, why can't I discuss it?

: ****
: I bet you wouldn't be so disgusted if it was an
: Uncle Tom Assyrian in America who was the
: mayor of a small town or a district judge or
: something. You would be so proud!

No, I wouldn't be so disgusted. Because his Assyrian identity wouldn't be a pawn in the image building in the eyes of the international community. He'd just be another "pulled by his own bootstrap" American story. The US wouldn't go around (patting Uncle Tom) saying "See everybody! We accept all types! Even Christians! See?" With a big ole teethy grin for added sleaziness.

: *****
: There we go again. That's the old argument. I
: have a breaking news story for you: The
: Assyrians are NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER
: going to have a homeland. Does this make me
: a terrorist in a bathey? Should I go move to
: Afghanistan? No.

Did I claim the establishment of Assyria? [Looking left, right] Beautiful. I'm going to forward your post to all my Assyrian friends because I think this is the FIRST time that I've been accused of wanting to establish an Assyrian homeland. Hahhaha... Thank you, Jeff. You gave me a good laugh on an otherwise bland Wednesday morning.

: In this day and age, Qasrani, people don't just
: get countries. Assyrians lived in Iraq and
: they live in America.... as in Russia,
: europe, and other areas in the world. Even
: if the Assyrians were 90-100% of the
: population in a city in America, in Europe,
: or in the Middle East, they would not be
: offered their own country in that area.

This is great...My cc list of friends has expanded to include all the Iraqis and Arabs that I know. They'll love this.

: The west will not simply come and
: "save" the poor wittle assyrian
: christians. No.

LOL...Because that's what I'm advocating?

: Raman used the example of Israel...saying that
: what they got was "by force" and
: we should use force. Do you understand how
: ridiculous that statement is? Israel is
: nothing but a pawn of the United States....

Aha! I caught you. You think Qasrani=Raman. Not the case, my friend.

: Furthermore, do you suppose that
: 50,000 Assyrians in the North can defeat 2
: or 3 million Kurds in battle??

I'm smart. I know when I'm being asked a rhetorical question.

: I wholeheartedly disagree. Sorry. Please tell
: me what greater strides we have made.

For one thing, our political movements have grown outside of tribal lines. Although people make all sorts of claims to the contrary, it isn't about family connections or tribal loyalties for us.

: ****
: And I suppose what David and the Doc has told
: us about the north is a lie??

Who are David and the Doc and what did they say? Sorry, I don't keep up with all the debates on this forum. I just skim.

Pshena, Q

-- Qasrani [rp]
-- signature .

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