Police Normality

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Posted by panch from pool1151.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, July 10, 2002 at 7:26PM :

An incident between police in Ingleside...in Los Angeles, and a black man and his son was caught on video by some bystanders. The video shows a very quiet, subdued boy of about sixteen, handcuffed behind his back...being picked up by a big beefy white cop who lifts the kid off his feet by a chain round the kids neck and slams him him face down on the trunk of a squad car. Three or four cops then swarm around the kid...he doesn't move or say a word...and then the same cop slugs the kid in the side of his face... hard.

Even Ashcroft was shocked...at the bad luck of having this business as usual incident captured on video. A few things come to mind....had this happened thirty years ago...in America, in the Texas of Bush...most white people would feel good about it...figure that's what all them Darkies deserve anyway.

Today, after Blacks have fought the good fight and paid the price for it...most of America is disturbed to see the evidence for what they all know exists anyway. And oh yeah...the kid has developmental problems...he has trouble understanding and responding...he never did a thing and apparently, according to witnesses, worse things happened before someone decided to catch it on video.

Now...had the kid been Afghani, or Pakistani, or Hindu, or Sikh...or a Chaldean or Assyrian or a YoYo of some sort...and a cross wont help you either...99% of Americans would feel the Darkie had the beating coming to him...just for being who he is and because people are so frightened and psyched out. Watch what you wish for people...we look an awful lot like Muslims....

-- panch
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