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Posted by Jeff from bgp01107368bgs.wbrmfd01.mi.comcast.net ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 12:23PM :



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More importnat news rather then rubbish!

Posted By: Tiglath <davidchibo@hotmail.com> (
Date: Saturday, 13 July 2002, at 8:21 a.m.

In Response To: More importnat news rather then rubbish! (Babaylonian_King)


: As tensions arrive between Saddam and the US,
: reported on CNN all US employees and peronel
: have left Iraq, while the war in Afganistan

Speaking on behalf of North Iraq I can say that there are many American and foreign workers in Arbil working with the U.N.

: is dying down. Like they said many times
: before Iraq will be the next step on the war
: against Terror. Do we have any word from our
: brothers and sisters in Iraq?

Our people in North Iraq are very depressed. Two days ago we accompanied a CNN crew that wished to do a 20 minute report on our people in North Iraq. After showing them our political organisations, churches they wanted to see what the Assyrian social life was like.
So Sennacherib Daniel and I invited them to "Juda D'Paris" a street in Ainkawa that is filled with young men and women. After shooting some social scenes we translated CNN's questions from English into Syriac. One of the main questions was, "What future do you see for Iraq?"

Most answered by stating that they were tired of George Bush and Saddam fighting and the Iraqi and Assyrian people paying the price. Most expressed isolation and the desire to flee North Iraq to lands of freedom and opportunity.

: Does anyone
: know what they will do during the second
: Gulf War? Will the land be run by Kurdish
: and Turkoman regime after they topple Saddam
: since the Assyrians can not find unity
: within their ranks? Will the Assyrians join
: the war againts terrorist along side with
: the Kurdish and US and then will we have to
: pick up all the scraps left behind or are we
: equal?

First off there is no war against "Terrorism". It's just an excuse to build an oil pipeline through Afghanistan and tie up loose ends by finishing off Saddam and replacing him with a more compliant leader.

: Is Zowaa in charge of our people in
: Iraq? will they need brave Assyrian Worriors
: from anywhere to come help them fight? will
: anyone help them fight?

No leave all the worriors in Chicago. Our people here don't need guns we need butter.

North Iraq's infrastructure is shattered. Think of everything that you take for granted such as hot and cold running water, electricity, fixed and cellular telephones, gas etc and then imagine shortages, cuts, poor quality etc.

Welcome to North Iraq.

Our people here need financial aid to rebuild their villages and also to establish new busninesses over here.

One man from Duri wanted me to pass on a curse to the first Assyrian who showed the rest the way to leave Iraq and flee to the galootha (Diaspora).

He was pissed at the mentality of Assyrians who would send thousands upon thousands of US dollars in order to allow their relatives who paid illegal smugglers to flee Iraq but won't send a red cent in order for Assyrians to invest in businesses over here and support themselves and their families.

: Please I would apprechiate all the answers I
: can get. Only facts please, i do not want
: opinions I want truth, maybe some of you
: have word from the homeland.

If you want to help contact your local Assyrian Aid Society branch and make a regular contribution to the rebuilding of our homeland.

Less worrying and more working.

Assyrian Aid Society - Australia
Arbil, North Iraq

-- Jeff
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