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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 12:54PM :

In Reply to: "The Eye'"...why doesn't Tiglath po posted by Jeff from ( on Saturday, July 13, 2002 at 12:23PM :

At the risk of being disliked even more I have to humbly disagree with David's proposed solution. There was a time twenty-five years ago when Iraq had plenty of money...had 20 billion in reserves. A time when building projects were underway everywhere...when Saddam was paying to bring any Iraqis over at government expense and tour the country in order to encourage them to consider moving back...reverse the brain-drain.

Then some bearded mullahs took over Iran and held the nation "hostage"...remember that farce? Then came a war supplied by the United States during which all reserves were our own disppeared two months after 9/11.

It is not quite accurate to say that Assyrians and Iraqis need to have money sent to them, when they had proven themselves quite capable of earning great quantities of the stuff themselves. It needs to be asked also why we are being turned even more into a nation of beggars.

I undertand the motive, the necessity and by any means I can I support the AAS because people come before policy...but they have to stay somewhat connected too or we'll find ourselves back here time and again.

The problem the Assyrians face in the they do anywhere in common with the rest of the people of Iraq, is that people in the rest of the world don't know our side of the story...because it is an American puppet who rules there...not anyone with the interests of Iraq in mind.

In fact most of those countries are run by compliant tyrants...not by people who are eager to educate the world about their true status and character. Assyrians in Iraq need to be known, need to be respected and valued as human beings...just as the Iraqi people all do...ALL of them.

They need bread too of course. But beyond far as rebuilding and making a secure place for themselves...then no...a rebuilt church or house or water systems and cell phones...none of these things will make us secure in anything over there.

The people need humanitarin aid...they need roofs and heaters and water...but if an even greater effort isn't made on the diplomatic front ( GOD how odd to use that term in conjunction with us, how it sounds like AUA twaddle!!) gain recognition for who we are and why that region and the people in it, ALL of them are such a valuable asset to the entire planet...then we'll all be back here again begging for money and roofs all over. It's happened to us before and it will again.

We ALWAYS rebuild...when we don't abandon. What is missing from all of this is a determination among the rest of us in Diapers for far too long, that our Homeland is also our Holy Land and must be preserved and well served in every way. Alas, we are still fighting over WHO gets to call his village our "homeland"...of which sect is authentic...which region more Assyrian than the other...whether Chaldeans exist when they are RIGHT THERE telling us they do...when we argue over any trifling thing we can find because no one trusts what will happen to their little enclave if we should come together.

This is what Assyrians in Iraq suffer from. This is our enemey of the future...not a Kurd or a Turk or a Muslim. What we desperately need so we wont be SO damn desperate...we wont provide for ourselves...and it is OURS to bestow upon can't be given to us by anyone else...there isn't anyone we can beg it from.

Imagine if Turks controlled Chicago and blocked the Shumirum...we might just be moved to action then...not because we valued the Shumirum any...but because we were being opposed by one of "them". Even then, we'd probably just move to Detroit...never realizing that we hold some good part of our destiny in our hands...over here, in this country where the laws and instutuions exist to allow us to get, for ourselves, what we need for our selves.

-- panch
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