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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 10:27AM :

In Reply to: look, silly, posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 9:55AM :

: xxx EXACTLY, so you're being a jerk to me or anyone else for NO reason on this board was not anything even a caring friend would do.

+++I am NOT your caring friend. I don't know you from Adam's off Ox. You strike me as unstable as I thought I'd push you over the edge and be done with it...sort like you would a horse with a broken leg...why let it suffer...and why allow it to make ME suffer. The fact that you choose instead to limp around on three good legs is all to your credit...not mine. I never tried to "improve" you or raise you from the Nashville.

Just pointing it out. Maybe if I point this out, people who admire you (for good reason, otherwise) won't emulate this side of you.

+++I'm not interested in being liked or's YOUR obsession. Anyone who emulates me gets all they deserve...I did.

You've been taking your frustrations out on people you don't know well. & then, when someone takes your crap, because maybe that person does give a shit about you, you act as if you were a magician working a "change" in someone.

++++The frustration I "took out" on you CAME from you.

You should've channeled all your anger & frustration at a certain person *against* that person, in the worst case scenario, & into your work, in the best case scenario.

++++What happened between me and that certain person you can't even name...had nothing to do with you...and not a hair on your hairless arse was disturbed because of that. YOU are then one who's been lashing out at everybody for that one seminal experience that shaped you since. I like Jackie...could sit down with her today and have a whale of a good time. My response to her is is NOT personal. Same with you. Stop giving yourself airs.

: xxx Stella & Jeff & Julia have been absolute sweethearts. Maybe you should try not to teach them how to become abusive against innocent persons & how to turn someone unrelated to your problem into a scapegoat, instead of confronting the problem at it's source both inside yourself & external to you & living in denial about how much you've been affected by a negative life experience.

+++"Sweethearts" will stay that you will stay the way you are no matter how many sweethearts know you. I'm not teaching them anything...this isn't college.

Maybe you should try to teach them how to confront the offender, herself, in a way that doesn't degrade you, too.

++++I'm not interested in my degradation...I'm not interested in my inconvenience...I'm interested in setting an example for what the next leader of ours can expect to happen to them if they unthinkingly and with ideas of total immunity, committ the kinds of outrages they've been committing for years.

++++If you were to think well of me, I would be concerned. If I am displeasing to you...I am relieved.

+++Go your ways...and sin no more, or at least do it in cutie.

pss. whatcha wearin?

-- panch
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