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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 9:55AM :

In Reply to: Try "tough shit" posted by panch from pool0349.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 1:58AM :

: ++++Then you should feel right at home. I would remind you that you were the first to strip naked on the rooftop and wave your shorts around like it was a victory pennant.

xxx That was after you started badmouthing me for sticking up for Julia, let me remind you. I was pushing you to a limit.

: ++++How you can go through this stuff over and over....

xxx I'm not. Just giving you a story to illustrate a point.

: +++ANYONE...and I mean ANYONE...who has gone through half of the things you treat us to every three and a half weeks, would never...repeat, never...speak of them as you do.

: +++How is telling you to go to hell "manipulating you". Do I lift you up bodily and run to the nearest volcano...have I sent a truck round for you...have I sent anyone to force you there? No. Out of compassion and deep concern for the cruel vicissitudes of life, I've suggested a change of scenery is all. I never subjected you to "tough love". There is no such thing...it's either "love" or it ain't.

xxx EXACTLY, so you're being a jerk to me or anyone else for NO reason on this board was not anything even a caring friend would do. Just pointing it out. Maybe if I point this out, people who admire you (for good reason, otherwise) won't emulate this side of you. You've been taking your frustrations out on people you don't know well. & then, when someone takes your crap, because maybe that person does give a shit about you, you act as if you were a magician working a "change" in someone. You should've channeled all your anger & frustration at a certain person *against* that person, in the worst case scenario, & into your work, in the best case scenario.

xxx Stella & Jeff & Julia have been absolute sweethearts. Maybe you should try not to teach them how to become abusive against innocent persons & how to turn someone unrelated to your problem into a scapegoat, instead of confronting the problem at it's source both inside yourself & external to you & living in denial about how much you've been affected by a negative life experience. Maybe you should try to teach them how to confront the offender, herself, in a way that doesn't degrade you, too.

-- Lilly
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