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Posted by Ghandhi from ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 8:56PM :

In Reply to: Timothey McVeigh posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 9:35AM :

: How many more white Anglo-Saxon males are there like him in this country who believe in citizen retaliation against their own government?

: Editorials are asking how many more immigrants the United States is going to accept from countries such as Egypt, "terrorist-spawning" Saudi Arabia, Iran...forget about Iraq, Syria etc? Am I the only one who notices that we Assyrians come from those same countries? Or will we do what every immigrant must do...pretend we came over on the Mayflower?

: The air is being slowly always happens slowly. That's how it happened in Berlin in 1933 and wasn't until 1942 that the air actually began smelling of burnt human flesh. In this country at the same time United States citizens of Japanese origin, crosses around their necks and all, were placed in concentration camps,,,and just last year, people looking a lot like our children were hauled off of airplanes...and several are being detained now in Guantanamo on know that country that defies the United States and is a terror to us, yet can't even get us off of their island?

: I mean just there...think about how the average American was convinced that Cuba was and remains a threat to all that's Holy on this fierce we can't even talk to them...but who've had a corner of their island occupied since who knows when and hasn't been able to, or tried, to do a thing about it.

: I digress. Would the UInited States prefer that countries that have legitimate compliants about the excerise of raw power by this country, or the various means we know from past experience it uses to covertly undermine the rule of law...declare war on the United States? Are the people in those countries really and truly expected to do nothing to express their outrage...are they supposed to not FEEL the Palestinians who can have their their lands stolen, but must say nothing and do nothing about it?

: What measures have been put in place to trace the kinds of education that Tim McVeigh received in the Baptist south? To close down" Madrassahs" in Nashville? Are white men who buy guns , or play war games or buy certain magazines being rounded up for observation, held without charges, on military bases, in cages, denied legal counsel...American citizens no less?

: And just what crime against the United States did John Walker Lindh committ? Out of his own religious convictions he joined a fight in Afghanistan on the side of the Taliban against the Northern Alliance, both of them a bunch of thugs. In the 68 war, American citizens went to fight in Israel...during the Spanish Civil War, Americans formed the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and fought on the side of the Republicans against the Hitler backed Fascists. When Lindh joined the fight, the United States wasn't at war with Afghanistan. As soon as they entered the war Lindh was wounded and captured. What harm had he caused any Americans. Who did he hurt? Twenty years in prison...for what?

: Stay could be next.

TimotheyMacVeigh,John Walker and.....are all there for publicity.Anything I hear from American news agencies makes me think , Well.... if it was true they would not allow us to know about it . In another language , Anything you hear from them turn it around by 180 degree !
these days almost every nation around the world are giving lipservices to Zions and are condemning hitler for GENOCIDE.the worst kind of Genocide was done in USA against the Red Indians and no nation has suffered like they did .But no nation or people are giving any lipsevices to Indian , instead they have been called Alcoholics.

-- Ghandhi
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