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Posted by panch from ( on Thursday, July 18, 2002 at 10:37AM :

In Reply to: Re: Timothey McVeigh posted by Ghandhi from ( on Wednesday, July 17, 2002 at 8:56PM :

The idea that Jews control the world...that Jews killed Christ...that Jews take over and run brought to you courtesy of the Christian Church.

Throughout their history the Jews have been systematically beaten and murderd and robbed and abused. That was the show what happens to those who refused to heed the call of Christ.

Unfortunately they learned how to do it as well...once given the chance. As horrible and terrible it is and as much as I loathe what the Israeli Right is still have to ask yourself when was the last time in history, Jews ever had an army...ever were armed and prepared and willing to fight against anyone?

Any atrocity the Israeli army has practised was committed against Jews for centuries...and as recently as 60 years ago...the world stood by and watched, as they do now that Palestinians are being brutalized. In all that time also, the Christian West was doing the same and worse to countless other people around the world.

When do you recall any Jewish city, or community even having weapons? Weren't they also faulted for going passively to the camps when the Christians rounded them up? Did Jews fight back against anyone in 950 AD? Do you hear of any Jewish army sweeping down on anyone in 1100 1389, in 1403,,,in 1562,,,in 1933?

For a brief period they had a kingdom...under Solomon in 900 BC. From then on they have been driven from pillar to post...chased acros Europe till the Holocaust almost put an end to them...and for what? That's the part that gets me...for killing Christ? They didn't even do was the Romans...the ones who later became Christians...who killed him.

Only in the Warsaw ghetto did a few Jews put up such a resistance as to infuriate the Nazis. And only in the last 40 years, have the Jews made any move to defend themselves and do what all nations have done...steal what they can in any way they can. To now hold them up to a higher standard than any other barbarous nation seems a bit much. What other People have more reason to say, "ENOUGH"!

I just wish it was Germans they were killing...I wish they were shooting Italian children, and raping French women and throwing Englishmen in jails. I wish they would blow up the Church of the Nativity and not bulldoze Mosques. I wish they had taken their revenge on the people and the religion that hounded them mercilessly all those years. That's the real tragedy here...the wrong people and the wrong religion are paying the price.

And the Christians? They get off once again...on top of which they use the Israelis for their own ends...and get the Muslim world and everyone else believing that old lie about how much power and influence the Jews have.

Every time a Jewish name pops up at a bank or on a movie set...we make note of it. Not because they are controlling everything...but because we are all programmed to believe they are everywhere...and their names automatically get our attention because we're looking for proof that our prejudice is based on "fact". We desperately seek out "facts" because the truth of our own secret loathing is too heavy to bear.

Just what the hell are the Jews supposed to do...not work? Should they refuse to do anything but pick rags...just so we'll feel better? Should they not study or create or build to the best of their capacity? Are they supposed to accept the degradaing opinion we've held of them for 2000 years? Should they allow their children to be raised according to OUR estimation of their worth? Are we crazy as well as cruel?

How we would love it if we could say about Assyrians..."they stick together"...."watch out, they only help each other, their own kind"...."They get into everything and rise to the top...and they promote each other's causes".

Do you imagine if I could bring honor to my Jewish people there would be a Jackie or a Nimrod left alive for what they did? Would 80,000 Jews in Chicago allow any one Jew to block the installation of a monument to King David?

Look at what we do to each other and then see if you want to take lessons in history or "pride" from these sorts of Assyrians. We kick the legs out from under each other...we struggle to ruin one of us first,before someone else has the chance...we take great satisfaction in witholding support etc. People such as we are...haven't the intellectual equipment to understand other people...especially other Semites who have succeeded by never behaving the way we do. So damn envious of each can understand why we're so jealous of Jews.

We believe our reward will come after death...and the reward will be greater the more we suffer here on earth. A Jew couldn't have done better than to plant that idea in our minds...and crime of all crimes...get us to pass it along to our children as a "precious" thing.

Wait a minute!!! A Jew DID give us that idea!

-- panch
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