I Likewise Hate To Do This...but

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Posted by panch from pool0282.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 10:15PM :

In Reply to: Re: I Sympathize... posted by julia from boston23.erols.com ( on Friday, July 19, 2002 at 4:13PM :

you say...

But it's not just Christians who did bad things. Muslims did, Communists did, aristocrats did, petty borgeoisie did, buddhist did, nationalists did, fascists.

++++Fair enough. I would reply that it is a peculiarity of the Christian religion to shift responsibility for our actions onto a sacrificial lamb we have no qualms at all in destroying...God led the way on that...set that dismal example for us by using his own dear son to blot out his own fuck-up...and even then he didn't get it right...as you can see by the litany of horrors you alluded to since the murder on the cross was consummated.

+++Why do you think Christianity caught on? Do you really think you guys invented kindnes...helping old ladies a to cross streets? Do you think there is a single civility we Assyrians didn't have before Christ was born? Just what gives Christianity its appeal?

+++I'll tell you what...stripped of all the self-serving tripe all religions come up with to make swallowing their nonsense bearable. Christians have a ready made, built in excude to commit whoredom after whoredom...crime upon crime...and they do it all passionately, if with a twinge of guilt that doesn't stop them in any case...just enough to put a real "edge" to their enjoyment of those nasty little pleasures they turn into filth first, so they can REALLY get ecstatic over them.

++++You're right...everyone sodomizes children...nothing new. But no one else has that edge...that inner track to their god's forgiveness, like Christians do. They make a big deal out of "wrestling with the Devil", when it's a love embrace they're locked into with him....hell they masturbate too...they just get to feel a delicious sense of naughty guilt...THEN have the satisfaction of feeling all holy and gooey like and pious in their "repentance"...leaving them deliciously free to wank away the next moment.

+++THAT'S the special appeal of Christianity...and the tone was set by a God who did not demand personal responsibility from each of us...but encouraged us instead to find the least guilty one among us, the sweetest, the most kind, the one furtheset away from our own crimes...and kill HIM!

Just as the tribes used to do in old Judea when once a year they would take an innocent and adorable baby goat...go through a solemn ritual during which all of their sins were symbolically hanged round the unoffending goat's neck...to be driven out into the parched dessert, without its mother...so it would die and thereby cleanse them of all their mean little sins. Hence the word "scapegoat".

After that it was..."grab another child's bottom and fuck your neighbors wife", all over again. Till they couldn't stand each other and another goat would be sacrificed so they could get pure again.

That's all Jesus was used for. And you wonder?

-- panch
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