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Posted by Robert Isaac/Zinda from cache-df03.proxy.aol.com ( on Sunday, July 21, 2002 at 1:34AM :


I would like to ask a few more questions on the character of Sargon Dadesho. Is this man nationalistic or self-serving?

1. Sargon Dadesho claims to be the President of the Assyrian National Congress (ANC)? Is this organization representative of our people worldwide, or is it a front for Sargon's family and friends? Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party (BNDP) and the Assyrian American Leadership Council do not have a wide membership. They are an offshoot of Sargon's family (ie brothers) and friends.

2. Are our Assyrian people from Syria, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Europe, Australia etc well represented in an rganization that claims to be the Assyrian National Congress (or the Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party)? How widely is the membership base? Is it truly democratic when it appears to be Sargon, his brothers and friends that seem to run these organizations? Why do they not accept/respect other community leaders (including Senator Nimrod). Why do they (ANC and BNDP) take every opportunity to undermine other Assyrian organizations? Are they truly nationalistic in their actions?

3. Is it true that the assets of Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party and ANC are held in Dadesho's name? How much donations (monetarily) have these people/organizations made towards Assyrians worldwide (or have they actually made profits)? Are their aims and objectives just rhetoric?

4. Can Sargon Dadesho provide us with documentation to support his title as "Dr"? What is his field of specialty? Where did he attain his doctrate?

There are so many Assyrian organization claiming to be representative of our nation without really obtaining such a mandate from our people. Everytime there is a rift in an organization, there tends to be a split and new organizations are born. Are the aims and objectives of these organizations to promote and further our nationalistic aims and objectives or to simply satisfy their leaders' personal goals.

Unfortunately, Sargon Dadesho seems to place personal goals above the Assyrian cause and this problem is endemic in our people!

Robert Isaac

-- Robert Isaac/Zinda
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