Tip-Toeing Around Israel

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Posted by panch from pool0615.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, July 21, 2002 at 7:15PM :

It isn't Israel at all...it's the United States using Israel as a front...while convincing all you Jew hating people that it's "Jewish Power Brokers" calling the shots. Cynnical but efective because 2000 years of anti-Jewish propaganda put into our pablum by the Church has prepared us to believe anything bad or evil about Jews.

You wake up one morning and a find a stranger asleep on your living room sofa. Just as you get around to asking who the hell he is and what he thinks he's doing there in your home...he tells you that his grandparents owned the lot next door 1000 years ago...and as he didn't expect you to be so callous as to wish him to have spent the night in an open field, while your sofa was available...he didn't think you'd mind.

While you're trying to make sense of that...your wife anounces that breakfast is ready. Before you can think...the fellow pushes past you to the kitchen and takes a seat at the counter. He says he can't imagine you'd deny him some food, after all he spent a long, lonely night on your sofa. Everything you can think of to say seems harsh and ungrateful, after all you're hungry too, and what makes you think you deserve to eat any more than another one of god's creatures?

It goes on like that all day...with the fellow protesting that you really should examine your conscience and see if there isn't some serious flaw in it which makes you appear to be so ungenrous with what god gave all of us to enjoy. Having prided yourself in being a reasonable man all your life...you have to admit the guy makes sense.

That night you come out of the bathroom having brushed you teeth to find the guy in bed with your wife. At this outrage you raise quite a protest and say things have gone too far indeed...at which the fellow curses you roundly for having deceived him all the day long leading him to believe you really meant it when you said he could stay, share your meals and the day with you.

How disappointed he looks now...hurt and feeling betrayed that over this issue, just when he thought you were all getting along so well, you balk at this natural progression in your development as a kind and considerate human being. And anyway...were you planning on screwing your wife ...again...that night? Did you feel you had a right to do it every night? Did you consider how she might feel about it? That maybe she was tired of you, had a headache...but no, selfish thing that you are you wanted her all to yourself, every night. Well...it seemed too good to be true after all...take her, if you had to.

It's late by now...you're tired, it's been a strange day already and truth be told it's not been like any other day you ever experienced...besides, maybe you've been wrong all these years and shouldn't be so harsh on one who bothered to correct this peculiarity of yours, this penchant for taking whatever you want while ignoring the just expectations of those whose grandparents had lived on the empty lot next to your fine house, hundreds of years ago...who also have needs and appetites, just as valid as your own.

All night long, tossing on the sofa in the living room, you try to imagine you've done the right thing , trying to ignore the sound of noisy springs on the mattress coming from the bedroom...the ones the fellow complains kept him up all night, the next day...and borrows your credit card to order a newer bed with.

Weeks go by and you've adjusted pretty well. You know you should feel better but there's a nagging sensation that something isn't quite right. By now the fellow has made himself completely at home, allowing your wife time off to sleep in the chair in the living room next to the sofa. You have to admit that he is sharing with you after all, and you're pained to remember how ungenerous you felt the first night he banged her....wanting her all to yourself.

The guy has by now become quite sensitive to what he considers his right to be treated as an equal partner in the household and soon enough grants you equal rights on the revised deed to the house and the ability to draw funds daily from the new bank account you've openned in all your names...just to be fair. And really...when compared to your own hesitations and begrudging complinace that first week,,,he does seem so much generous and giving than you did. It makes you blush to remember it.

But the question rattling around in your brain wont go away...and one day you blurt it out without meaning to...."by what right did you ever move in here in the first place"...you want to know. The fellow answers that he just did...seemed like a good idea at the time...he had nowhere else to stay and your house did look cozy and all....

"And once I was in, I figured your own sense of decency would demand of you, after a little discussion, that you'd want to do right by me...after all, what if our roles were reversed...wouldn't you want me to take you in?"

It's gone too far by now, and you feel you're being "taken in" all over again...so over his loud protests that you turned out to be a selfish bastard after all, and besides which your wife never did get the hang of giving him blow jobs the way he liked it...you throw him out...and send a pillow after him so he wont be uncomfortable on that empty lot next to your house where his grandparents once lived years and years ago. After all, you aren't heartless...and not stupid either any longer.

Whoever gave the United Nations the authority to declare Palestine...Israel, in the first place? The Palestinians didn't, and I doubt if any Arab state did. How can you dispose of people's rights without consulting them? How can they expected to honor actions taken on their behalf when they aren't included in the process...? You can't outnumber pople from smaller countries in what you decide is a "democratic way", in an organization where their voices regarded the disposla of themselves and their possessions can be made against their wishes. Thats merely a Tyranny of the majority...it is not Democracy.

The United Nations has since the '67 war declared many times that Israel must return lands it seized...lands it would have done anything, and is still doing anything...to create any excuse to steal and keep...even if it had to sell the bullets to the Palestinians so they'd have something to kill Jews with. If Israel can ignore the United Nations when it benefits itself...by what right does the United Nations expect the Palestinians to go along with a policy that hurts them, while likewise benefiting the Israelis...why should the Palestinians EVER have accepted their mandate? Who the fuck asked them to mandate anything?

It is the United States behind all of this...it's the United States that owns the United Nations, from its inception till today. Who's kidding whom?

We are all of us in danger of carrying on from a point way downstream from the source of the whole thing, without ever stepping back far enough to see where the thing flows from. The same with this Terrorist bullshit. What Terrorists? What do you mean? Who or What is a Terrorist anyway? Are the people you happen to support, never the people who commit acts of terror against innocent civilians...when the people you don't support, who have no hope of even fielding an army to begin with, let alone competing with the one you've given your pals...are forced to become civilian soldiers in their own defense, down to 14 and 19 year olds, willing to die in the process...are these people now Terrorists?

Arm them too, or just get out of their way and see with what panache they'll attack your soldiers...leaving your wives and babies alone.

Who dropped atomic bombs on sleeping women and baby civilians in World war Two...not once but twice? Who chose not to "waste" these bombs on soldiers...but targeted their innocent families instead...just as they did to the brave Native Americans who never imagined, until they ran into the same Honky European, that any man would prefer to attack women and children as a way of breaking the spirit of the real men?

You have to begin at the beginning, and not jump in midstream after the argument has been framed in such a way that you've lost before opening your mouth.

How often did people say that Bush was no man of the people, as they tried to present him...drawl and all? That he was a pampered air-head who'd never worked a day in his life and was put up there primarily to let the Enrons and World Coms, of which he and his staff were avid participants, have their way with our Treasury some more?

Ten years ago they quietly invited the corporations into their offices on Capitol Hill to "help" draft new regulatory laws...so that years later when the thing was bound to collapse, they can testify before Congress with straight faces and in perfect complance and honety that they werev ..."just following the rule of that day back when". This is what they're in office now to do...gut the EPA, stack the courts and set new "standards" for getting government out of our way...so for the next several years they can legally commit all the crimes they want to...till another disaster happens. This waht the repubs mean by getting rid of government...because it is too "cumbersome".

Alright...enjoy your new bank accounts and wallets, made suddenly "lighter" for you...go ahead.

What is Colin Powell but a man of color who has made a lifetime's practise of killing innocent people of color...for his Cracker of a boss from whom he hoped for favors? Who is Clarence Thomas but an Uncle Thomas who took welfare money and affrimative action goodies all he good, then turned on his own people once he'd gotten his, helping cut back the same affrimative action programs that lifted him out of mediocrity, embarrassed now in front of his new white friends that he needed that "hand up", the one they didn't need...a field hand yearning to be a "house nigger' if there ever was one? Never mind Condi Rice who is an embarrassment on every level. Do these people actually think they are equal partners in the Republican Party...which has become nothing more than that once exclusive Country Club that's been forced to hire the handicapped, but knows well how to use them to promote their yet exclusive aims, while the dumb clucks don't see it...BECAUSE they are so addled to begin with...so desperate to "qualify"?

Ah well.

-- panch
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