When ISNīT it Terror?

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Posted by pancho from host-148-244-221-18.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, July 31, 2002 at 12:18PM :

Modern warfare is all about Terror, and nothing but Terror. What really is the difference between a soldier and a civilian? Don`t all soldiers just go kill each otherīs children and rape each others mothers when theyīre done killing each other?

What was Hitler`s aerial bombing of London but Terror...what was the Allied fire bombing of Dresden but Terror...what was the bombing of Tokyo but Terror...what were the bombings of women and children in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but Terror?

Is the distinction the unifrom? If five civilians sneak an atom bomb into a city and detonate it, and themselves...are they any more Terrorists than five airmen, in uniform, who drop the bomb from thirty thousand feet and return home to heroes` welcomes NOT Terrorists because of their uniforms? What difference does it make to the thousands of innocent civilians each of them kill...for civilians are the target of choice...for everybody. Or is the whole point that there is no longer any such thing as an innocent civilian...not in this democratic age when everyone supposedly has a voice in national policy? But how realistic is that really?

How can the people of Iraq be held accountable for the decisions made in their name by a tyrant the whole world admits is the most awful one the world has seen? Just what are the people supposed to do...who had so little hand in placing him there...when the American people likewise had little say so in who became their president...though you would think they would have taken better advantage of the institutions we possess to undo the theft of our presidency.

We have allowed an Oil Cartel and various subsidiaries to take possession of our government, Media and with it our military, and we`re about to enthrone them and sanctify them so they can make us ĻsafeĻ....saving us from this pesky document that has itself been responsible for making us what we used to be...what we canīt wait to give up in order to make the nation safer for our bosses...the ones who shed such tears as they fleece us all before bailing out in their golden parachutes.

The United States used as its justification for incinerating thousands of innocent Japanese civilians their desire to spare their own soldiers. Aren`t soldiers supposed to take the risks...what do mothers and sisters and wives and children have to do with setting national policy in a Japan...or even in the United States that they must be sacrificed to the male soldierīs and statesmanīs and industrialist`s thirst for conquest and power and money?

Athens, once so respected in the ancient world, made itself into an odious tyranny after the defeat of the Persians until rivals rose up and all of Greece fed on itself in the Peloponessian Wars that left them all impoverished.

It always sounds good in the beginning..this assurance that we are Right, and strong...even Shtrong...and finding righteous justification for what we want to do anyway isnīt difficult when you can stifle opposing voices, locking them up with no recourse to a legal procedure that only yesterday was the envy of the Free World, and the bane of repressed societies everywhere. Now we are come to join the ranks of those petty tyrannies and oligarchies who lock people up for their views and even their appearance...even their religion.

You can keep this new and improved America at this recent incarnation of itself. Itīs become just the place for Assrins from Turkey.

-- pancho
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