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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 2:56PM :

In Reply to: israel palestine assyria posted by Julia from host194.crp.org ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 2:34PM :

: What if there was a movement among assyrains that wanted to copycat hamas?

****What if you had nothing better to do?

and start killing people by detonating bombs on their bodies in Modesto or Sydney? Why not? If no one is listening to our political arguments or only give a shit about our statues, why not get immediate media attention and do what hamas is doing?

***Gee...sounds like a good idea to me. ILm going to come strap you on my back and blow you up where you`ll do the most good.

: Fred wants to unveil Shimirum at U of C with children doing the honors because in part it will capture media attention. and that media attention is valuable and hard to get - it will take years of work to get to that unveiling , which iwll probably lead to a two minute segment on Chicago's Channel Seven news and not much more. But killings and bombings, suddenly everyone pays attention.

****It`s a good thing the Vietnam War never happened.

: I'm NOT advocating bombings AT ALL. But what i'm saying is that we have to cut the costs, we have to chose the peaceful route and the moral route of PEACEFUL protest using legitimate poltiical channels even though it may mean no one will ever hear our voice. That is the tradeoff we have to make. and in the short run we lose the media attention, the forums, panel discussions and hearings that the palestinians are getting for the suicide bombings and for israeli incursions and settlements.
: I would rather Assyria be born of peace rather than bloodshed. althogh that is not very likely in the near future, we have to keep working for it peacefully and honorably right? isn't this what it's all about? that's what i see in future leaders like stella and jeff and lilly and others, people who are committed to change in the world but prefer and will only abide by the nonviolent route to get their point across.

****Not me...I`m gonna strap idiots to my back and go where lots of idiots congregate...colleges for one...and I`m gonna blow us all up.

-- pancho
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