Good-bye, ancestral homeland.

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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, August 12, 2002 at 2:20PM :

Good-bye, ancestral homeland. It was wonderful fantasizing about you, your future, & your incomparable beauty. Just as the baby the 2 women disputed over - each claiming to be its mother - was to be divided by Solomon, the powerful say they will destroy you & give your remains to the many peoples of Mesopotamia, lifeless remnants to be fought over by each nation that would claim you for itself... Whoever genuinely cares for you would not wish for such violence or death to come upon you.

The US government will not only bomb & destroy the ancient temples & monuments, make craters out of the tombs of Babylonian kings & queens, & reduce to dust & shards the artifacts of antiquity, but also destroy what little infrastructure is left to make life possible in Mesopotamia for many years, perhaps decades, to come & kill thousands of innocent civilians as they cower in bomb shelters, go about their daily routines, or attempt to escape/return to Mesopotamia. Both types of losses, human & historical, are irreplaceable. Who will be able to afford rebuilding the infrastructure? Debt shall descend on the nation, & foreign corporations, like vultures, will follow, making promises of economic improvement while stripping your country of the measly resources that are left. Yes, the peoples, history, & future will be sacrificed in the name of greed, of modernity that does not know or teach truely humane self-sacrifice.

Reports are surfacing, all over the media, of Iraqi soldiers being "camouflaged" amongst civilians. This is merely an excuse to bomb more of your cities & to kill more of your peoples, Mesopotamia. The news anchors speak daily of the "real" & "immediate" threat of *possible*, *future* nuclear weapons stockpiles in Iraq. There is no reason for this "war," which is really a one-sided attack against a poorly defended nation.

So, this is farewell to you, my fair Mesopotamia. Perhaps your future name shall be "Luna," a Latin reference to the many bomb craters that will pock the surface of your countryside and to the near vacuum of life that will persist after this "war." But, if it be of any comfort to you, you shall live on forever in my heart & imagination.

-- Lilly
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