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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, August 12, 2002 at 2:38PM :

In Reply to: Good-bye, ancestral homeland. posted by Lilly from ? ( on Monday, August 12, 2002 at 2:20PM :

It wont happen...doesnīt need to. The United States has full benefit of an entire country turned into an oil rig with a captive population of workers for as long as the oil lasts. This is for home keep people here on a war time footing distract them with easy dreams of military think anyone in America is afraid of this war? Wont they see it as another video game, like the last one? If the threat was real, if we stood to suffer serious consqeuences do you think people would go along?

A strike or two maybe...just to show what the weapons can do...or we can pretend they do...itīs good for sales...remember America makes more money from selling weapons around the world than from anything else. It would not be in Americaīs interests to ruin those oil fields, neither do we want to occupy the land. A military strike is just for home consumption...and the election is a way off...just testing the waters for now.

If only there was a chance of the Draft again...then maybe your generation would take to the streets. But...the economy being what it is, and with the military and the police being lionized...there will be no end to young people looking for "opportunity" and glory and the chance to shoot fish in a not much hope there.

Athens too became a hated world empire in its can happen to any country. The people are our only hope.

-- panch
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