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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 2:01PM :

..this penchant for calling me a Muslim...for revealing my "secret" admiration for Islam etc. As if there would be any more reason to be ashamed of myself for turning away from Ashur towards Islam or Christianity or anything else. Once you sell out...what difference does it make to what...or for how much? Feel any better if Judas got 1000 coins...or none?

Actually I`ve been asked to speak at a mosque in San Jose next month. On Fridays its family night and guest speakers are invited. Apparently they don`t mind my being an Assyrian...wouldn`t mind if I was Christian either.

I spoke to one in their congregation about the need to get pro-active now, and not make the mistake of trying to hide their presence. Be proud of your religion and culture, I said to the fellow, and make Americans see the best you have to offer...ALL people have skunks and thugs...look at us!

I suggested they make a public monument and give it as a gift to we did with Assyrian sculpture. Tell the truth, give the whole story, make people familiar and are Americans now...the Law and institutions here are as open to you as they are to Assyrians and Germans. Tell your story, it will bring you greater security in the end, and the most important thing is it will give your children pride.

I said it would be best if they had a Muslim artist do it...but I would consider it an honor and a gesture of goodwill if an Assyrian was asked. They don`t much like representations of the human figure...I suggested a bronze caligraphy, a spiral monument made up of the beautiful Arabic alphabet, maybe a poem of a famous poet of would make a very attractive piece.

You see...Assyrians were universalists...we were not bound in by this hideous jealous god you all love...the one who kills innocent children and their parents for pissing against walls...neither did we have a god who hounded his own son to death so that the world could go on fornicating in peace ever after. I will represent us proudly at the have nothing to fear. When I am through, every American Muslim in the place will think highly of you all...whether you deserve it or not.

-- panch
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