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Posted by panch from pool0444.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 2:23AM :

Here are some Paradox questions for you:

+++I've read them...they are silly questions...nothing paradoxical in you presenting them.

You think that Iraqi Arabs are Assyrians and you are defending them because they are living in the Assyrian heartland.

+++I'm defending anyone who lives there, I don't care if they are Chinese or Batavian. Arabs are from Arabia...Egyptians are from Egypt and Iraqis are from Iraq...oh and the French are from France. Try to get at least that much right.

Let's take a look at the map of Iraq... the Assyrian heartland is in northern Iraq, and in the north the majority are Kurds not Arabs, there are also Turkic monority who are the Turkmen.

+++Don't forget the Chinese.

1. Why are you considering the Arab-Iraqis who live in central and southern Iraq Assyrians while the Iraqi-Kurds and Turkmen who live in north Iraq in the heart of Assyria as non-Assyrians?

+++You can't prove who is what over there...all we have is your word for this. I certainly don't consider YOU Assyrian. Being Assyrian means doing something for the Heritage...you do nothing. You still ignore the basic point...which is that with all the means at our disposal, all you guys do is bash Muslims and cry your eyes out for the past. Crying is NOT a valid Assyrian passtime.

2. Why isn't the Kurd or the Turk who is across the northern border of Iraq (in Turkey) not Assyrian as well? After all that border did not exist during the time of the Ottoman Empire. And according to your definition anyone who lives in Assyrian is Assyrian.

++++Anyone who behaves the part of a good American, can be one...doesn't matter where he or she came from. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who wants to do the WORK can be an Assyrian. The rest of you guys can go live off of someone else's Heritage. Oh yeah...and take your "knowledge" with you.

3. Could it be that during the time of the Ottoman Empire all those different ethnic groups who lived in northern Mesopotamia were Assyrians, and after WWI when the new border lines were drawn they changed ethnicity like a changing underwear, depending on which side of the border they ended up to fall?

+++So change your underwear. None of this means anything or changes anything...the truth still remains the truth..and that is that none of you is interested, or capable of doing anything...anything except spilling this nonsense your church taught you and urging on the destruction of our Homeland...I don't know who wishes us worse...Saddam or you guys..it seems neither of you care a damn, excuse me, a dam...for Iraq...its people, its heritage or its treasures. Your kind of Christian is the kind that made us all suspect over there...

4. Why are you shedding your crocodile tears for Iraqi Arab children only and not for the Kurdish Children too? After all they are Moslem too!

++++I told you idiot...any children in Iraq are worth fighting for...are worth at least speaking out for. Why do you cry for ruins and not for people being ruined?

5. What would you call the gasing of the Kurds in Halabje in northern Iraq?

+++I'd call it a test of US chemical weapons...carried out by America's ally, Saddam. If you want to cry for 5000, to prove your "point"...but wont cry for 600,000...you are a Christian.

a- Was that an atrocity committed by Moslem Arabs against Moslem Kurds?
b- or was that an atrocity committed by Moslem Assyrians against Moslem Kurds?
c- or was that an atrocity committed by Moslem Arabs against Moslem Assyrians?
d- or was that an atrocity committed by Moslem Assyrians against Moslem Assyrians?

+++It was an atrocity committed by the United States and its ally, Saddam Hussein. It in no way compares to the killing by starvation and disease and neglect of over 600,000 innocent children, enough of them Assyrian to warrant ONE tear from you "Assyrians". I don't care who the victims were...it was the Christian West...using another darkie thug to get its needs met...and so long as they kill Muslims, Kurds, Turks, Africans or any Muslims...you are pleased.

6. Why are you bashing the Christian west only when there were 21 Moslem Arab states supporting the allied forced in attacking Iraq?

++++None of them are supporting the present threat against Iraq...not one. Even Britain is trying to distance itself. What are you talking about? The Christian West has several ways of coercing people...who are you trying to kid...you think we're all lunkheads such as yourself?

See it all depends on who are the Assyrians.

++++They ain't you, that's for sure.

You are labeling certain people (Iraqi Arabs) as Assyrians while they don't consider themselves as Assyrians, but rather a completely different ethnic group which is Arabs.

+++They are Iraqi...YOU consider them Arabs. When they say "Arab"...they mean the whole breadth of Arab civilization, which was a great one. It doesn't matter what you call them...as it doesn't matter what you call yourself...all people in Iraq deserve protection...we live among them and they outnumber us...the only way we have any protection and peace in northern Iraq is through the good graces of the Kurds...and the interference of the United States...and at any time...we and the Kurds can be sacrificed again.

+++The United States has killed far more Assyrians in the last 14 years than the Kurds have...or the Iraqis, or any Muslims...you just don't mention it, EVER...because you are Christians who want to bash Muslims because your religion gelded you and you ran...and you are afraid even now to give a name. That isn't Assyrian at all. You could write books, hold rallies, write film scripts, open schools...build monuments...display Assyrian art...but you do nothing...just talk big and make up hysterical "facts".

I define an Assyrian as the person who believes that he is an Assyrian and declares that he is an Assyrian regardless of his religion.

++++That's all still talk...you don't define an Assyrian as someone who DOES anything to protect or preserve the Heritage. Your words of 'support"...as mine "attacking"...make no difference anywhere...it's what we DO that makes us Assyrian, and you don't "do" anything Assyrian.

You are starting with a wrong definition, and consequently ending up with a wrong conclusion, in other words; garbage in, garbage out.

+++Dear Peter The Vapid...try from somewhere to find some courage for these "convictions".

-- panch
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