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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 2:58AM :

In Reply to: A Pair Of Sitting Dux posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 2:23AM :

Dear Ankido:

Very well said. The use of Moslem Assyrian by Puko/Puncho is another attempt to Arabiz the Assyrians.

++++No more so than the attempt to Americanize them...or worse, Christianize them.

+++It's very simple...if Assyrians were willing to betray Ashur for a jew god...they could as easily have betrayed the jew god for an Arab one. Makes sense to me. You guys went from Church of the East to Nestorian to Catholic to Protestant to Baptist to Anglican to Jacobite to Lutheran to Episcopalian to Pentecostal to Mormon, to Seventh Day Adventist...OBVIOUSLY you are confused or still shopping around...and each one of them is the TRUE religion! As you can see Assyrians SWITCH and change religions like others change why NOT switch to Islam???

His anti christian propaganda servse
the same purpose because any Assyrian who has abandoned christianity
has vanished in the Islamic melting pot of many different nations.

++++Just wait a few more years and you'll see how the few Assyrians left will disappear in a Christian melting pot. So what are all these Assyrian Christians doing? Where are their schools and museums and Culture...who knows about us? Where are we doing anything for our children to keep the heritage alive and of interest to them?

+++In the Mideast we are being forcibly stripped of our Assyrianism...that's what you claim...well who is stripping us of it here in these Christian countries? And yet that's all you talk about...what the Muslims are they are wiping us out by Arabizing us....well what are you doing about it...arguing with me?

++++Here in America our children will eventually lose it my way of thinking it's understandable when a Muslim puts a gun to your head and tells you to stop being Assyrian, "or else". It seems an entirely different thing to choose to forget who you are because it will make it "easier" on you at work. No one made Firas become a "Ross"...but if he was in Iraq and they forced him to become a "Ross", or an'd all be crying about that too. Yet when he does it get all squishy and say it proves that we have "choice". it's wonderful to CHOOSE to betray your heritage...but it's 'terrible" to be made to by force. What a bunch of namby pambies you guys are...not even much of a Christian either.
Here is the list of nations that became Moslems in Iraq or were Moslem before arriving;

Turks:from the 11th century to the 19th century Turks ruled most of the Middle East.

+++So? they chose to become least they were gfiven the choice to live as Muslims...Christians just killed any Muslims or Jews they found. Islam is a wonderful religion at its even Christianity can be...there are several recorded instances of Christians running away to Muslim protection. You got your history from your's nothing but propaganda.

Millions of prisoners and slaves brought by conqueres from all over the world.

+++And how many of the millions of Africans brought to Europe and America "chose" to come, "chose" to be slaves...or "chose" Christianity? How many of the native peoples slaughtered by the Europeans in the New World 'chose" to be are children.

++++The majority of Muslims, like Christians...chose freely, until that is their parents started choosing for them. get down off the ceiling and loosen your corset strings.

All these people consider themselves Arabs today.

++++No they don't. They are proud to be from the countries they come from. They mean "Arab" quite differently than you do. Besides doofus, not all Arabs are Muslims.

+++And what's wrong with being "Arab" anyway? Obviously many people don't mind it at all. Assyrian history is now a part of the inheritance of the Arab speaking world, as it is a part of all Humanity. If they don't strees being Assyrian it's because it is only one part of a rich heritage...they have the country, they have the treasures, they have the responsibility to care for all of it. You have nothing...nothing to do with any of it, except what you carry around in your Diapers...and even that wont last long...ask your children and theirs.

+++If the Muslims of San Jose want me to...I will be happy to help them place a monument refecting their heritage in America...why not? Assyrians had the was paid for...I didn't want your MONEY! But you guys aren't interested because you are ashamed of yourselves, deservedly so...and the Msulims here aren't. I'm not going to continue this tribal warfare into the next century, in a country so far removed from there...YOU live in it, YOU "Never Forget" can afford the leisure time...the rest of us have work to do.

It is the hights of ignorance for anyone to claim that all these people now are Moslem Assyrians.

+++++It is ridiculous for you to claim that Assyrians can ONLY be Christians. Or for you to set any standards of behavior for tell them how and when and how often to "talk" about being Assyrian...talking is YOUR way of being Assyrian.

One has to wonder if Puncho/Puko is being paid to spread such false propaganda otherwise why would he make such a fool of himself?

+++It's just as likely that YOU are getting paid to spread disinformation about Muslims and to make life for us even more difficult back home. I wish someone would pay me...I wish someone would pay me to make Assyrian monuments. Hey!!...what if the Muslims pay me to help them...and I use the money to finish my Assyrian Monument? Wouldn't that be a kick in your ass!

No one in his right mind will waste so much time on the internet on this subject for no intellegent reason.

++Oh I have reasons alright. I see you for what you are...all of you Christians. Your church has you set on hating Muslims...and you are ashamed of our Assyrian Heritage. You want to only stress the losses we suffered because it provides an excuse for your lack of can blame it all on them damn Muslims. Well baby...there are NO Muslims holding you down let's see what you would have done all those centuries them nasty Muslims were stopping you. Go us your "pride"'s about ONE Assyrian language and heritage school? Just over 100 years in America and NOTHING...meanwhile the Kurds have given us land and helped us to build them in north Iraq...go figure...then go cry some more.

-- panch
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