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Posted by panch from pool0410.cvx25-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 10:13PM :

+++Snuck in there for a peek. I can see why they don't want me around...I can also see why they wouldn't ever go outside and do anything. One hysterical post after another lists all tghe reasons and ways in which they have been hurt...starting back in the stone age.

+++If you criticize these guys, they think you hate them...like children. Their greatest claim is that they are "polite". Like I told Hanna...YOU die politely!
There is another more serious problem.
Words have consequences.
The usual Puncho's approach is to blame Assryians for whatever has happened to them and protect their persecuters from any criticism at any cost.

++++Not true...I have condemned everyone who has killed everyone...I just wont take sides because it will keep this going...as these Christians want. I believe that Assyrians then...like they do today...make a serious mistake when they take the side of their co-Christians against their neighbors...falling for the oldest trick of Imperialism...the ability to drive a wedge between neighbors.

++++We are doing it again. It is insane to encourage the United States, a Christian nation...to bomb and attack and starve Iraq...we hurt ourselves every time we do so...but we don't want to be told so...and so we keep doing it and doing it...and no one wants to be "attacked" by being questioned...just questioned.

While puncho's words to some may look like simply the bitching of a demonted person in reality some friends and foes may see them as legitimate unless they have been utterly proven wrong and he is exposed for the fool that he is.

++++No fool is going to expose another. The danger is that people will start thinking...will start asking questions, like I did,,,and get slammed and slimed for it. That's how they've managed to stop people...by insulting and stunning them and driving them away...I just decided to give them better than they could give...and they can't take it when it's done to them, and they STILL can't answer the questions.

+++No one who "attacks everything" creates art and monuments...no one.

In defending themsleves Assryians will prabably antaganize their enemies even more but there is no other choice. In other word Fred Parahd is playing a game where he is falsely blaming Assyrians for the inhumnaity they have suffered in which case if Assyrians do not respond the silence could be construde as agreement and if they do they may antaganize their enemies even more.

++++That is ridiculous...I don't blame us for getting shot...I blame us for representing our murder victims as martyrs...of screwing up language and practising cheap sensationalism in order to get pity out of people and stifle dissent. These are all cheap tricks and they hate like hell having them exposed. I blame us for not learning...but mostly for refusing to take advantage of all the means and institutions at our disposal to do something to benefit us...to lift us, to inspire our children...all the time spreading these cheap hate filled claims and stories. These guys revel in their pain and losses...and they aren't even the ones to have suffered directly...they use Simele and the rest of it as an excuse to cover their own asses...it's easier that way...they don't have to DO anything...because so much was DONE to them.

Enough is enough...let's call an Assyrian someone who DOES something to change our destiny...cause it looks pretty grim.

Note to Nishraya...there is civil discourse, and there is vapid sentiment. Join us sometime when you figure out the difference. "He ATTACKED me...and he attacks EVERYTHING...therefore...I must be EVERYTHING!!"


-- panch
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