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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 11:30PM :

In Reply to: A Romp Through aina posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 10:13PM :

I'll say it matters not at all what happened to matters what happens to us. If there was any useful purpose to be served by going over and over the litany of suffering and would be one thing.

Too ofetn people exhaust themselves with weeping and moaning...after which they believe they have "done" many people feel the money spent on the conventions and parties, the airport hassles and being kept awake all night, the sore butts and whacked out boobs...are all a part of "working for Assyria".

We don't understand critical thinking...of viewing a thing from several sides. We're stuck at being "hot blooded"...of declaring our "love"...of "Never Forgetting".

None of this has led us, in over 100 years in America, to do anything to make a positive impact on ourselves or build anything for our children. It has not only been useless, but counter-productive because we've gotten the false impression that what noise we've made among ourselves, has done something.

And you can't criticize these people because in their hearts they know they have failed, mostly because they didn't dare venture anything to succeed...and resent having it pointed out. But it isn't that we CAN'T do anything...but not so long as we are so damn frightened and paranoid, indifferent and defensive.

These guys don't want the rules to change...they don't want there to be some requirements for being is enough for them if one talks big and chooses heroic anonymous names to hide behind. If we set a higher standard they will fight back, fight to bring it back down...make it consist of no more than a ceremoney for the dead once a year, a few parties and lots of vacuous posts filled with demands and declarations...and that is ALL.

No one denies that we've's just odd that the same people who cry for what happened 100 and 500 years ago, who compile lists of our dead for 1500 years back and farther...all stop reporting any of the dead in the last 14 years. It makes one highly suspicious, is all. And that's when they really tear the roof down.

I hope most of us have gotten past the "paid agent" and "hater" and "attacks everything" phase. There is no scoundrel such as the one who wraps himself in the Flag, or the dead.

-- panch
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