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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, September 04, 2002 at 11:50AM :

Molly Ivins writes in the San Francisco Chronicle…..

“When Dick Cheney was CEO of the oil-field supply firm Halliburton, the company did 23.8 million in business with Saddam Hussein, the evildoer “prepared to share his weapons of mass destruction with terrorists.”

“So if Hussein is “the world’s worst leader,” how come Cheney sold him the equipment to get his dilapidated oil fields up and running so he could afford to build weapons of mass destruction?

“In 1998, The United Nations passed a resolution allowing Iraq to buy spare parts for its oil fields, but other sanctions remained in place, and the United States has consistently pressured the United Nations to stop exports of medicine and other needed supplies on the grounds that they have “dual use.”

“ Halliburton (Cheney’s Company), America’s No.1 oil-services company, is the nation’s fifth-largest military contractor and the biggest nonunion employer in the United States. It employs more than 100,000 workers worldwide and does more than 15 billion dollars a year in business. Halliburton under Cheney dealt with several brutal dictatorships, including the despicable government of Burma,”

That should be enough for now. The United States has had its government seized by an oil-cartel. They have managed to scare the wits out of us, deliberately, so we will vote to go on stealing oil from Iraq. Saddam is THEIR man…he is doing THEIR work for them…and we dumb clucks, and the Kurds are being encouraged to step forward again only so we can be cut down and removed as a threat to their oil business.

While the United States was selling parts to Saddam to keep the oil flowing…he is our second largest provider in the Mideast…they were also denying basic human rights needs for the people of Iraq. The people of Iraq, Assyrians among them, have been sacrificed now for over 14 years in what has to be one of the most brutal profit making schemes ever invented.

And we? Once again we show ourselves ever ready to hop onto the bandwagon of anyone who can twist our shorts and get us longing to be GIVEN a country and our “National Rights”. And you wonder why we are treated the way we are over there? You say it is because we are Christians. What’s in Christianity for Saddam or any Muslim to hate? Other than the fact that their own Koran tells them to treat the peoples of the “Book” compassionately? What could they possibly hate about the message of Jesus…what?…Love they neighbor…honor thy mother and father…be kind to one another? Come on!!!

What they hate is the use of religion to set us betraying the country we all share…in this fond hope that the United States or Britain “cares” about us…is concerned with our “rights” and the rest of it. The same tactic they used to get wooley headed Armenians to rise against the Turks. We are here in America, actually cheering on what the Iraqis, the world, Molly Ivins and Cheney and Bush KNOW is the exploitation of a country’s resources…dressed up with concern about Human Rights and the rest of it. It is for falling for this nonsense, again…or taking advantage of this Lie, this brutal war on children…that we are despised increasingly over there.

We are lending our name and our support and our money to this most inhumane program …and we will pay the price for it AGAIN…and who can blame them? Who can blame them if they don’t feel kindly to our "religion of love”, when this is the kind of thing it does…and we seek to benefit from? What would the United States do if the shoe were on the other foot?

The Terrorist Threat is a deliberate fabrication...up to an including the attacks on America. What they also want to do is drill for oil in Alaska and offshore...and anywhere else. They'll now tell you that we have to reduce our dependance on these people who hold us hostage!!! can you believe that? Like we don't hold Iraq hostage right now and for the last 14 years. Why do you think Bush attacked Iraq from the air the day after he took office...for US...for FREEDOM? We have a long way to go in matching the 55,000 Americans sent to their deaths also for no good reason, in Vietnam.

There will be no war…not so long as so much money is being made from Iraq’s misery. Only when his usefulness is done will Saddam be ousted…and they wont advertise it all over the place for weeks in advance. Our young were sacrificed before for money, in Vietnam. It’s getting more and more to be a part of foreign and domestic policy…this robbing and using and lying to the American people. Corporate types, whom we can see will stop at no crime here at home to make money…have become our “Statesmen” and politicians…and they’ll stop at nothing to continue making money…even to waging wars, as they’ve always done.

You’d think we’d learn…but we NEVER FORGET!!!

Note: The San Francisco Chronicle, the city of san Francisco, Molly Ivins and the King Syndicate are NOT Muslims…they do NOT like Saddam, they do NOT want to all move to Kabul. They are Americans who are not blind.

-- panch
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