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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-89.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 7:38PM :

So, Iīm sitting here in sunny Mexico...beer in one hand, shrimp in mouth...arse on hammock...legal papers in other hand...when it dawns on me...Jackie already failed to get the court to buy her slander and libel nonsense. It happened the first time around...the time I didnīt show up. I lost to her by default on the land swindle and loan and bulls balls...the judge had no choice in those, figured if I didnīt care to dispute them, they must be true or I didnīt care...but she was also suing me for a million bucks for libel and slander...in other words, telling the truth about her...and the judge didnīt give them anything on that. Not money, and no orders such as they were demanding.

Now sheīs at it again, adding Jeff to her hit list with another ream of posts all about her body parts and whatnots...but theyīre just duplicates of the 200 she already showed the judge months ago...nothing new in the lot.

I told Shawn that where this libel bullshit was concerned the court itself would act in my behalf...not for MY sake, but for the sake of the Constitution and all of us citizens. I can understand a judge granting whatever I donīt show up to dispute so long as it deals with contracts and cash. But you canīt tell me that if I sue somebody for a million bucks for writing about me in a book...and the other guy doesnīt show up...that the judge will stand the Constitution on its head by actually granting the fine and setting such an awful precedent? Hell no! The judge would know damn well the ACLU, the Bar Association and the rest of the judges would be on his or her case in a second. You just canīt add this kind of awful precedent to the Law...canīt do it without a BIG fight...certainly not on default.

Iīm confident now that the judge will again refuse to even consider this nonsense...especially when she ( judge is a woman) sees that Jeff has been added to the suit, when she didnīt even think that I was guilty of anything the FIRST time around. And neither will she be impressed by the extra charges theyīve added...like causing her distress, or emotions or something...or having her lose sleep because she didnīt know which of her body parts would be discussed next...or appropriating her name and what not. Shawn isnīt THAT stupid...he can find San Jose and he can say..."sign here Jackie".

But the judge will see this for what it is...just a rich broads attempt to punish anyone and everyone who wont lie down and roll over for her money...thatīs all. And now I think I WILL challenge the default judgement she got...just because I know she perjured herself to get it...AS THERE IS A GRACE PERIOD TO ALLOW ME TO CHALLENGE IT...THE JUDGE HINTED AT IT.

Let her prove I swindled her...or that she ever loaned me anything. I admit the missing balls...on her bull. I figued she just would have bitten them off anyway...but thatīs all.

Jackie signed that document "on pain of perjury". It would be icing on the cake to have her charged with perjury. For she DID lie.

But the part I love, which I hadnīt noticed before (and almost did a half gainer triple camel off the friggin hammock when I did)...on the first go-round when they asked for a million bucks and listed all the things they wanted the judge to order me NOT to ever do...was this one. It came after the part about removing all references to her, all cartoons, never mentioning her or her family again, never archiving anything and the rest of it...BUT, I also must never, and I quote here..."TIE JACKLIN BEJAN TO ANYONEīS SEXUAL ORGANS"!!!

Now, I ask you...who the hell would DO such a thing!!!

The next hearing is on the 15th of October. They finally caught Atour sneaking under his car...and they got Khamis...heīs the vice president of the AANF. The guy in Chicago is enlisting some heavy hitters to catch Nimrod...and all of this stuff is silly and useless...all I have to show the judge is "due dilligence"...and we were at the AUA Wurld Hinquarters 25 times...with his own staff claiming theyīd never HEARD of the old coot...add this new guy and all the effort heīs going to make will settle the due dilligence requirement...and the judge will order that Nimrod has been legally served no matter who never heard of him. Heīll just get a letter in the mail...or a notice in his hometown newspaper...and he NEEDS publicity!

If the judge refuses to consider this new complaint of theirs...almost identical to the last one...the one she already passed on...and she allows my counter-complaint to move forward to trial...then Iīve half won already.

Bring them on , dear Ashur...bring them ON!!!

-- panch
-- signature .

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