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Posted by Lilly from ? ( on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 at 4:02PM :

In Reply to: Nothing to lose but their chains (???) posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 at 5:00AM :

: A typical psy-ops/propaganda piece fitting especially the mindset of Assyrian warmongers.

xxx I agree. (sigh).

: After all fabricated pretexts for a war against Iraq seem to crumble down, they're going to play the "liberate the suppressed" card.

xxx Isn't it "oppressed," not "suppressed?" Maybe I'm wrong?

: Didn't I mention before that a staged massacre against Assyrians would be now a good chance for them to sway the world opinion in favour of the Bush vision?
: Playing the devil's advocate I'd heavily suggest it ....

xxx Hey! Watch what you say! Seriously!

: The basic fault of this whole torted war discourse and its fake rationales, however, can't be surgically eliminated:

: It was the Western powers who brought in Saddam, pampered him on chemical & biological weapons, supported & steeled his regime etc., so it's bascially them who are responsible for the oppression of minorities. They never gave a damn about minority rights. There never was any palpable protest to stop him.

: But would Assyrians ever dare to think of this equation:
: "USA (adminstration of course) = Enablers and abetters of Assyrian oppression" ???

xxx I sometimes think the folks at AINA, the moderators, are getting paid off by the State Dept. How else could they be so "naive"? The rest of my comments are aimed at the author of that article.

: Nothing to lose but their chains

xxx The more appropriate title of this article would be "Nothing to lose but their children."

: A war against Iraq might destabilise the Middle East, says David
: Pryce-Jones, but that is precisely what the region needs

xxx NO!

: Chalabi is a moderate and modest man, who disclaims any personal ambition.

xxx Riiiiiiiiight... & Chalabi has no personal ambition for all that money he stole from that bank in Jordan.

: Time will soon show whether or not his slightly nervy optimism about the
: overthrow of Saddam is justified. He doesn’t draw up visionary plans, but
: offers the only practical alternative to tyranny.

xxx Hey, Chalabi! I have a practical solution for your problems, too! Get a real job! You have delusions of grandeur!

: The objection to this
: campaign focuses on the probable ‘destabilisation of the Middle East’; and

xxx Probable??? It's certain!

: yet that destabilisation is an essential prerequisite for progress.

xxx Oh, OK. Run that by me again, will ya? Love these bromides... So, if we want to make progress in the US, would you suggest that US citizens have to destabilize our gov't & region too? Actually, the idea is not so bad...

: Countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran may have the good fortune to be
: similarly destabilised.

xxx Tell that to the average citizen in any of those countries. "Good fortune" my ass!

: This could be the moment when the Arabs and Muslims
: take their place in the modern world.

xxx You idiot! Arabs & Muslims have shaped the modern world & have contributed a lot to modern thought & progress. They already have a place in the modern world... just no one appreciates them.

-- Lilly
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