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Posted by andreas from ( on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 at 4:54PM :

In Reply to: yeah posted by Lilly from ? ( on Tuesday, October 01, 2002 at 4:02PM :

: : A typical psy-ops/propaganda piece fitting especially the mindset of Assyrian warmongers.

: xxx I agree. (sigh).

+++ Double sigh:
'cause basically even those Assyrians do not necessarily mean it "the mean way": It's the natural expression of their pent up feelings of humiliation, woundedness, despair, fear and thirst for revenge. These will persist unabated as long as they will go unchecked and untackled and unhealed.
Concepts for this have been worked out on a broader scale on the Jewish and Armenian side and within the realm of the international genocide research.

I think it's high time to deal with this hellish problem driving all genocide victims.

: : After all fabricated pretexts for a war against Iraq seem to crumble down, they're going to play the "liberate the suppressed" card.

: xxx Isn't it "oppressed," not "suppressed?" Maybe I'm wrong?

+++ I wrote that deliberately as I wanted to lend it more semantic force than the term "oppress" can convey.
"Suppress", literally "press s.o. (absolutely) down = flatten/level", means nothing less than "putting an end" to or "eliminate" s.o. or
This is more than "op-press", literally "press against" i.e." applying pression against"
In this case I regard & interprete the genocidal actions against minorities as "suppression" insofar as they actually cut off the root & base of collective life and life energy.

But there is a continuum between oppression and suppression.

: : Didn't I mention before that a staged massacre against Assyrians would be now a good chance for them to sway the world opinion in favour of the Bush vision?
: : Playing the devil's advocate I'd heavily suggest it ....

: xxx Hey! Watch what you say! Seriously!

+++ Lilly, I said: "Playing the devil's advocate" !
I know, it's a gruesome picture.
But I didn't give it to invoke s'thing but in order to sharpen the awareness of the proved and looming calculations of imperial warmongers and of their possible "real-political" machinations which belong to the usual arsenal of power politics.

-- andreas
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