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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 02, 2002 at 6:00PM :

So there we wuz
sitting down by Tigris
Runnin the worldsis
And makin all the buzz

Till we lost it somehow
And then had a cow
An said later for this life
Give us heaven and no strife

Da Jews, we beat and taught em
For thanks they slimed us
gave us their Jesus
And some took their Islem

We continued through histry
Full a crap an misry
With One Jew makin us gooey
While da Moslem cut our hooeys

Till The Brits came to help
And our dogs learned ta yelp
We love Jesus too
Can we come live by you

They put us in Habaniyeh
Kept us like mice in a Levie
Got us cut off at the kneeas
And all cause a the house of Levi

We ran to America
Where the Christians are free
But here they had Allah
Oh where could we be we

But other Assyrians
The whole MidEast through
Didn't care what you prayed to
So long as what you wuz was you

The Christians among us
Said only they wuz true
And for that they only got thisin
A humble pot fer to pissin

too scared to look in the mirror
They found someone else to murder
The Muslims and others in Iraq
Which we all know is a crock

Cause if an Assyrian
Can turn out a Christian
There aint no problem
If he also turns out Moslem

Just leave the country alone
Go back to your real home
In Chicago or Turlock
You hairy assed Fock

And leave the people of Ashur
Who'll took you all in
To live their lives without bother
Like they always been

You Christians have the West
Where they treat you best
Driving trucks and taxis
And wearin your prophylaxis

Assyira's in Iraq
Like your's is in Turlock
For Iraqis do it best
Without your friggin West.

So Peter Pnuel
No more than a Fooel
Keep yer poems to yerself
Ya pimply arsed elf.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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