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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Wednesday, October 02, 2002 at 6:32PM :

In Reply to: mutha posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 02, 2002 at 6:00PM :

: So there we wuz
: sitting down by Tigris
: Runnin the worldsis
: And makin all the buzz

: Till we lost it somehow
: And then had a cow
: An said later for this life
: Give us heaven and no strife

: Da Jews, we beat and taught em
: For thanks they slimed us
: gave us their Jesus
: And some took their Islem

: We continued through histry
: Full a crap an misry
: With One Jew makin us gooey
: While da Moslem cut our hooeys

: Till The Brits came to help
: And our dogs learned ta yelp
: We love Jesus too
: Can we come live by you

: They put us in Habaniyeh
: Kept us like mice in a Levie
: Got us cut off at the kneeas
: And all cause a the house of Levi

: We ran to America
: Where the Christians are free
: But here they had Allah
: Oh where could we be we

: But other Assyrians
: The whole MidEast through
: Didn't care what you prayed to
: So long as what you wuz was you

: The Christians among us
: Said only they wuz true
: And for that they only got thisin
: A humble pot fer to pissin

: too scared to look in the mirror
: They found someone else to murder
: The Muslims and others in Iraq
: Which we all know is a crock

: Cause if an Assyrian
: Can turn out a Christian
: There aint no problem
: If he also turns out Moslem

: Just leave the country alone
: Go back to your real home
: In Chicago or Turlock
: You hairy assed Fock

: And leave the people of Ashur
: Who'll took you all in
: To live their lives without bother
: Like they always been

: You Christians have the West
: Where they treat you best
: Driving trucks and taxis
: And wearin your prophylaxis

: Assyira's in Iraq
: Like your's is in Turlock
: For Iraqis do it best
: Without your friggin West.

: So Peter Pnuel
: No more than a Fooel
: Keep yer poems to yerself
: Ya pimply arsed elf.

Bravo panch , After all you are wonderful and one of a kind , Too smart to be an Ass-Irians, I am changing the curent of the pissing river toward peter pnuel's home town.

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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