Not 'Ghandi' but 'Faecal Dandy': Answer!

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Posted by andreas from ( on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 5:44PM :

In Reply to: Re: You can't order respect,must earn it. Start n posted by Gandhi from ( on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 4:52PM :

Not "Ghandi" but "Faecal Dandy": Don't dodge, answer my question!

: : +++ You can't order respect, you have to earn it.

: : +++ Start now!

: : : KISS MY ASS , you will feel more respect

: : +++ How many asses did you have to kiss before trying to find relief in passing on your trauma?

: I kissed Ashurbanipal's, Tiglath Palassar's,Marduk's, hummurabi's, Nebu's.

*** They surely didn't and/or don't want to have ass-kissers following.
You don't seem to know your own culture.
But you seem to degrade and drag down your culture into the morass of your faecal visions.

Given my question and according to your answer, the conclusion is: You've been victimized by e.g. Marduk ?

Are you sure you understand what you write, at all?

: I didn't lower my class by kissing panch's hairy ass , Just like you or some other shit for brains which are using the same Fork and Knife , to get the best part of his hairy ass.

*** Look, it was you who introduced that strange concept of ass-kissing and who just has qualified it as a greater achievement of the Assyrian culture. I did neither.

To me, this concept - like any idea of servility - is alien.

When I commended Puncho for his cartoon I did it out of my free will and conviction - a dimension obviously missing in your gutter world.

In case I don't agree with him, I speak out openly.
But despite differences between us I'd never be so unfair as to not recognize and appreciate his qualities and achievements.
I don't want to offend the truth nor belie myself: In this a follow a typical moral concept of Marduk.

: ps. I have earned my respects

*** If true at all, it doesn't interest me. Not topical here.
What's really about is: You ordered respect from ME which I strongly deny for lack of any reason and will withhold until you will have deserved it from ME.
Start now!

, While you were bysy giving lip services to ????

*** Do you know what a psychological projection is? At least you're handling one or more perfectly.
You seem to be obsessed by this idea.
Therefore I repeat my question:
How many asses did you have to kiss before trying to find relief in passing on your trauma?
Start now !


: : : : And many, many a many - if not even Knillions - do the same.

: : : : Maybe it could be updated from time to time:
: : : : E.g.where do you belong into the pic?

: : :
: : : :
: : : : : Dear Jeff or Big Bad Ass Panch,That cartoon it's just like the mark of a dick on every Assyrian's forehead.
: : : : : If we show no respect for our nation , How the FUCK others will respect us.
: : : : : Will A Jew or Jap. make such an embarrassing cartoon? So do not bitch when the Jews are marking us, Or people like Ross are shitting all over us.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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