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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 8:04PM :

In Reply to: Not 'Ghandi' but 'Faecal Dandy': Answer! posted by andreas from ( on Monday, October 07, 2002 at 5:44PM :

: Not "Ghandi" but "Faecal Dandy": Don't dodge, answer my question!
: -----------------------------------------------

: : : +++ You can't order respect, you have to earn it.

: : : +++ Start now!

: : : : KISS MY ASS , you will feel more respect

: : : +++ How many asses did you have to kiss before trying to find relief in passing on your trauma?

: : I kissed Ashurbanipal's, Tiglath Palassar's,Marduk's, hummurabi's, Nebu's.

: *** They surely didn't and/or don't want to have ass-kissers following.
: You don't seem to know your own culture.
: But you seem to degrade and drag down your culture into the morass of your faecal visions.

: Given my question and according to your answer, the conclusion is: You've been victimized by e.g. Marduk ?

: Are you sure you understand what you write, at all?

: : I didn't lower my class by kissing panch's hairy ass , Just like you or some other shit for brains which are using the same Fork and Knife , to get the best part of his hairy ass.

: *** Look, it was you who introduced that strange concept of ass-kissing and who just has qualified it as a greater achievement of the Assyrian culture. I did neither.

: To me, this concept - like any idea of servility - is alien.

: When I commended Puncho for his cartoon I did it out of my free will and conviction - a dimension obviously missing in your gutter world.

: In case I don't agree with him, I speak out openly.
: But despite differences between us I'd never be so unfair as to not recognize and appreciate his qualities and achievements.
: I don't want to offend the truth nor belie myself: In this a follow a typical moral concept of Marduk.

: : ps. I have earned my respects

: *** If true at all, it doesn't interest me. Not topical here.
: What's really about is: You ordered respect from ME which I strongly deny for lack of any reason and will withhold until you will have deserved it from ME.
: Start now!

: , While you were bysy giving lip services to ????

: *** Do you know what a psychological projection is? At least you're handling one or more perfectly.
: You seem to be obsessed by this idea.
: Therefore I repeat my question:
: How many asses did you have to kiss before trying to find relief in passing on your trauma?
: Start now

By just writting some big words or having a better English comnds , That does not make you any inteligent indivitual or any better.
I have seen your kind, good talkers . Just like a beutiful red apple , But packet with worms.
The problem with Forum is , People just get to know each others through words.Believe me you little crap , If you would have known me personally , You would have known that I am making your day by just writting back to your bad ass.
: -----------------------

: :
: : : : : And many, many a many - if not even Knillions - do the same.

: : : : : Maybe it could be updated from time to time:
: : : : : E.g.where do you belong into the pic?

: : : :
: : : : :
: : : : : : Dear Jeff or Big Bad Ass Panch,That cartoon it's just like the mark of a dick on every Assyrian's forehead.
: : : : : : If we show no respect for our nation , How the FUCK others will respect us.
: : : : : : Will A Jew or Jap. make such an embarrassing cartoon? So do not bitch when the Jews are marking us, Or people like Ross are shitting all over us.

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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