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Posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 1:03PM :

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This is a post from "The Great Sargon"
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Is that Kurdish Propaganda? Yes. Yes it is.
From the "Bovine Feces" files

Dear xoshm awet Kurdistan,

WTF is a xoshm awet? I bet it translates to "the pathetic" but I digress....

: The parliment is made up of 51 KDP MPs and 49
: PUK MPs with 5 Assyrians.

So by those figures we can conclude the parliament make up is 95.2% Kurds and 4.8% Assyrians.

Now let's get some figures out of the CIA factbook:

* Iraq population, 100% = 23 million people

* Kurd population, 20% = 4.60 million people

* Assyrian population, 3% = 0.69 million people

* Combined Kurd and Assyrian population, 23% = 5.29 million people

It reality Kurd population is 16% - 17% and Assyrian population is at least 5% but we'll go with the extremely conservative figures to shut up you and your anti-Assyrian pals.

Now see those 5.3 million Kurds and Assyrians? Percentage wise that means 87% Kurds and 13% Assyrians. Now go back and compare it with how many Assyrians are in parliament. Do you see the problem yet? Do you understand 4.8 is less than 13? Don't forget, that's a conservative calculation. Also don't forget:

* You set up a parliament on territory which isn't yours.

* You claim the territory as Kurdistan, even though in the history of the world there has never been a Kurdistan while for centuries there has been an Assyria and today the area is clearly labelled Iraq.

* You attempt to call Assyrians "Christian Kurds" and when you're not doing that you're attempting to divide Assyrians into "Assyrians and Chaldeans". The title of your message says everything about what you think of Assyrian ethnicity.

* And now you give Assyrians a third of what they deserve in your parliament and expect them to thank you?

I didn't touch on the atrocities Kurds have done to Assyrians. Save your typical "We're better than Saddam!" reply. Let me get straight to the thank you: Kiss. My. Ass.

: The Kurdish parliment is bein seen as the FIRST
: FREE PARLEIMENT in the region.

Dare I ask how you define "free"? Better not, I just ate.

: Not to mention that the Kurds are the only
: nation who have given freedom and rights to
: the Assyrians.

Kurds are not a nation, they're a people. They've never been a nation and if Turkey has anything to say about it, they never will. I never thought I'd see the day I'd support Turkey, but here we are.

With that out of the way, get out an atlas. You'll notice some of the pretty colorful pictures have the words USA, UK, Canada and Australia etc on them. You should know that these pictures represent real nations that exist here and now. Nations that give, and have been giving, freedom and rights to Assyrians for decades.

So take your propaganda and stick it where the sun don't shine. In case you missed it, that was a reference to Turdistan, pun intended.

-- Jeff
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