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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 5:55PM :

In Reply to: Love that sarcasm, though I disagree with the posted by Jeff from ( on Wednesday, October 09, 2002 at 1:03PM :

It all breaks down to the belief of Christians in that region that they are the authentic Assyrians...something they canīt prove in a million years. They make this audacious claim because they know damn well they have no indigenous rights to anything there as Christians...both Islam and Christianity being foreign to the land and the people of Assyria.

And to really be Assyrian they would have to believe in the religion of they would tell you one couldnīt be Christian without believing in Jesus. Assyrians...they are not. Using the Assyrians name...they most definitely are. Thatīs why they act so queer...nothing like you would ever expect a real Assyrian to be...even after all these centuries. But they DO act like snivelling little Mommaīs boys who always had every turd displayed as proof of genius...and they WANT a country...and they WANT it to be Assyria...and they will hold their breath until they get it...and anyone who wont give in to them is a traitor and a louse and doesnīt love them, and wont respect them and hates them so they will take what few marbles they have left and go home!!!


Take away all the Kurd and Arab nonsense and you have Iraqis of whatever religion OR ethnicity...some of whom talk more or less about being Assyrians. However any points those talking Assyrians think they deserve are voided when you consider that they are the ones calling for the destruction of that region by a Western Christian enemy...which has always been the positoion if just enough assholes among us to get the rest of us killed.

There was never a Kurdistan and there has not been an Assyria there for 2600 years...a long enough time to qualify as almost never. Mexico is not the land of the Aztecs any longer neither is America the land of the Comanches and Cherokee. Our idiots will believe whatever it takes to justify a land grab disguised as indigenous Diaper Rights and National Questions. It is a cheap shot...a silly thing no one dares say in public for good reason.

Forget religions..and forget mixed ethnicities since that has gone on since time began...there are no pure anythings back there except assholes. All we have to know is that the people of that region deserve to be allowed to live in peace with the Brits and Americans neither installing and supporting tyrant puppets..nor tearing them down...and taking a whole lot of innocent children with them.

Weīve become innured to madness on such a scale that it passes for normal. The guy sniping at innocent people...the man who cooks his children and eats them, the man who kills 25 women and cuts their breats off...none of these men when caught can qualify as Insane...not legally...not morally. We are afraid to let them "get off easily"...cause we are hard and tough and realists...but mainly because we know goddamn well we are failing our own children and mental cases terribly...but nothing matters any longer except what you can buy and own...sort of.

In this crazy society NOTHING qualifies one as insane. And crazy.

-- pancho
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