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Posted by Janey from ( on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 2:43PM :

In Reply to: Catch 22 posted by panchmaster from ( on Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 12:54PM :

you wrote:
: Like I didn't want to finish the Hammurabi??? After three years of work and miles of travel and revisions and countless letters and meetings and $90,000 of MY own money sunk into it? They wanted to sue me?

<<<<!!$90,000.00 OF YOUR OWN MONEY?
If I can recall, that $90,000.00 came from donors that you charged $6000.00 each for their names on the monument and you in turn gifted them with a Hammurabi maquette.(I still have the email that you stated this in). Yes, you did intend to destroy it. As you stated in your email to me if no donors were found to give you money within the next 2 weeks you were going to break it to pieces and not take it to Mexico.
We had the donors fred, you were the one who lost your patience because you were financially strapped.

You wrote:
"AND your Federation which took $10,000 of OUR money and put it in the Shumirum and has done nothing for it in all this time."

<<<The Federation was a donor out of the respect they had for your work and supporting their own Assyrian Artist. They gave you $10,000.00. How come they never received a maquette?

You wrote:
: And Atour whom I gave four bronze sculptures...and a gold pin I'd made to his wife...

<<<<!!What 4 Sculptures? As I recall and am aware of, you insisted on gifting us with a bronze of the Assyrian bull and the Soldier. Any other sculpture I am not aware of. The gold pin was a gift to me from you and your family. Thank you but when you give gifts out of the goodness of your heart then the proper thing to do is keep quite. You dont go around constantly flaunting it.
I do recall that Atour and I wired you a check for three maquettes that you have yet to deliver as well as 3 others on the donor list.

You wrote:
a man who wept when he saw Ashurbanipal in San Francisco for the first time...

>>>he would do the same thing when he sees it again, and I am sure many others feel the same way.

You wrote:
he has my sculptures at the convention herded into a corner, covered with tablecloths and walled remove the offending sight from YOUR eyes...

<<<He never had your sculptures herded off. You left the hotel and left them in full view and he was worried that people would break or steal them so he put them away. Would you have rather he left them out in the foyer with 2000 people? Then if something had happened to them, how would you have reacted?

You wrote:
: These people work for us?

>>>These people dont work for you. You did not hire them and they get no paycheck or benefits. Neither Atour nor Jackie nor anyone else who gives their time and money to work for what they believe in make a dime from you or anyone else. They are volunteers. They spend thousands of dollars of their own money to make you look good when it's convenient for you to call yourself an Assyrian.
You are in your garage or shed or wherever it is you work from and when you are ready to go out and show your stuff it's these so called volunteers who have already paved the way for you.

You wrote
: Neither Atour nor Jackie were about to toss out or remove the sculptures of mine they have. They still display them proudly to guests...they still value them as Art.

<<<Why would they throw them out? It's just like any other piece that we have displayed that depicts our history. Of course we display them proudly, we also never deny who made them when asked.
Fred, You were the one who caused trouble. We repeatdly told you to wait it out and all good things would come in time. You did'nt have the time and that was knowones fault but your own. How many times did I tell you to go sell your stuff to the Americans while your waiting? How many times did I tell you to contract out? But oh no you could not sell yourself out. I never understood why you did not go after the American art first, then if and when you became successful your Assyrian Art would have been 10 fold what it is worth today.

Fred, I am truly appalled reading some of these messages you have posted. I can see why their are very few names on this board. What in god's name are you thinking? Your blaming everyone else for your own destruction.
Why don't you just stop and take a deep breath. Then look into the deepest part of your own soul and you will realize that it's you who destroyed everything around you. Not Nimrod or Golani or Bejan or anyone else.
And if they truly do have that power to have destroyed you and your art then they must not be such weak leaders after all....

Love and Kisses to your innocent children.

-- Janey
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