This Makes Me Want To Vomit!

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Posted by Ashur Bar Ninvayah from ( on Monday, October 21, 2002 at 8:54PM :

In Reply to: You are either with us, or... posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, October 21, 2002 at 1:44PM :

Just for the record, in my opinion when JFK and RFK were assassinated, 99 percent of the Democrats jumped with both feet into the Crapper. They stink to high heaven! They stand for decadence and immorality! They are the new Sodom and Gommorah. They have no principles at all. They are liars, exploiters, whiners and wimps. They will do anything, to gain political position and power. They are responsible for the liberalization of the legal system in this country. They are the ones who have established the new universal church of secular humanist religion and their patriarchs are the Democrats on the Sumpreme Court and all of the lower courts in this country and their priests are all of the corrupt democratic lawyers in this country.
Secondly, I have always believed that a person was innocent until proven guilty. It seems that everyone on this Forum is afraid to express an opinion that is favorable to President Bush and the Republicans. Why is he condemned as a warmonger and accused of wanting to bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age even though he hasn't done anything yet except threaten the present corrupt regime? Where is the thirst for truth and fair play on this Forum? Where is your documentation for all of the accusations against the present administration? You have all swallowed the conspiracy theories whole that were concocted by the stupid democrats in this country. I wonder how many democrats are invested in the oil industry, but no one accuses them of wanting to exploit middle east oil. That whole argument is fallacious and phony. If the rest of the world didn't buy their oil, who else would and then where would Saddam get all the money to buy sixteen palaces while his people starve and die for lack of medicine. They and every other Moslems would still be riding camels in the desert instead of driving cars, if the world didn't buy their oil. And we don't even buy that much middle east oil anyway. I'm tired of the spacious arguments, the lies, deception, bias and prejudice of wimpy democrats and that goes for Ms. Eshoo too! Assyrians should get off the democratic train before it crashes. This is all so disgusting that I want to vomit.

Ashur Bar Ninvayah

: Take the pledge and let the Democrats in Congress hear you.

: "I pledge to never vote again for any Democratic candidate for public office who has voted in favor of George Bush's war in Iraq."

: We call on the Democrats in Congress to oppose a war on Iraq, to vote "No" to Bush's war cries. We pledge to never again vote for any Democratic member of Congress who supports George W. Bush's war against Iraq. To the Democrats in Congress, we give you fair warning: You are either with us, or you are fired.

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-- Ashur Bar Ninvayah
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