WHEW! The Guy Was 100% American

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Posted by panchmaster from pool0192.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Thursday, October 24, 2002 at 9:56AM :

So which way does it play better? The sniper turns out to be home grown. You realize that the violence we're doing in the world starts here at home with us? The government first teaches its citizens that lawlessness is okay.

The sniper is Black...but so is Colin Powell... that doesn't benefit anybody. he DID change his last name to Muhammad...you can make a lot of that...but then a Firas becomes a "Ross" so what does that prove? You can't even claim that a "Ross" doesn't kill anyone because here in America we pay others to do our killing for us. You hire a hit man, even if you put a uniform on him...the Law holds you just as culpable.

In one way it's worse that the guy is homegrown...it means that our terrorizers live here already...are born and raised here...so what can tighter borders do for us? The WTC murders took 3000 lives...we kill 11,000 of our own people every year. We like violence...look at our entertainment...each night on TV we're treated to murders, rapes, cannibalism, dismemberment, decapitation and defenistration (falling out a window). This is entertainment?

The government wants something that doesn't belong to it...it kills those standing in its way. Most of us know we aren't governments...but some get another message...you want something...take it. You got a problem...kill the person causing it.

Hell even our auto industry has joined the push to arm us...look at the new Attack SUV's GM makes...the "upscale" Hummer...chrome bumpers and all. Army and Police shows abound...we're getting ready for something.

Our government has sanctioned the murder of people round the world to "protect our way of life". What has our way of life become...murder? Mark Twain to me is the quintessential Yankee American Good Old Boy... he was heartbroken at the direction his country took during the Spanish American War. It was a great turning point...the first time we seized the lands of other people for the sake of "our way of life". If you discount the basic theft this country was founded on.

You pay for these things eventually. Not until peace becomes our way of life will we stop killing ourselves and others. It doesn't have to happen...we just wont have any peace ourselves unlerss it happens. We have this much violence, and growing, because violence is our way of life...where's the mystery.

-- panchmaster
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