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Posted by panchmaster from ( on Friday, October 25, 2002 at 2:45PM :

In Reply to: Lead Head Fred posted by Ashur Bar Ninvayah from ( on Friday, October 25, 2002 at 1:37AM :

: Dear Lead Head Fred,

: I couldn’t decide whether I should use Dead Head or Lead Head. I decided to use Lead Head, because I was raised to respect my elders. If I had used Dead Head that would be disrespectful; you see there’s always hope for a Lead Head.

****I use unleaded.

: Well, I just came back to tell you that maybe I haven’t lived long enough to have your experience, but one of these days I will.

***Don´t count on it. As gullible as you are someone is going to sell you crap for cheese...and you´ll like it too.

***Living long by itself doesn´t necessarily provide any´s what you do in the time you live. I imagine you´re going to be an accountant, marry one and have little engineers...we are all accountants...and from that nifty experience I don´t think you´ll be a whole lot further along.

When that day arrives I’m coming back to kick your butt. Not out of vengeance, mind you. I’m going to do it to teach you a lesson and maybe to learn something about myself.

***I used to feel the same way in high school...I knew what they were teaching us didn´t sound right..meaning it wasn´t in me to believe it...I too said someday I´ll have the answer for you. And I do. I hope you will too...though if you work it right, you´ll just get pissed at me for being too conservative.

You won the first round, Lead Head, but that’s only because you’re a cynical, old geezer.

***There is no winning...only whinning. There are no answers...but each of us can ask better questions...go ask your own, no need to bother with answering mine. If I were cynnical I never would have believed an Assyrian monument was possible. If you want to build a solid structure, you have to throw away the rotten foundation...the people who put that foundation in place way back when are going to oppose you "destructive" and a troublmaker...think you have a big ego because you want YOUR building to go up instead. Let them...and you...think what you will. If you´re going to listen to every crack in the road you aren´t fit to do anything.

I lost it because I let your, lost generation, decadent, liberal, hip-hop, pop culture lingo get under my skin.

***My generation didn´t like me any better than yours would...I am a CLassical pain in the ass...I was irritating people from the beginning of time...every time someone was burned at the stake, my eyebrows got singed. I told´re barking up the wrong prick.

Instead of beating you on my own terms, which I can do any day of the week, I let my inexperience drag me down to your level. Not with the sewage-filled syllable strings that gush from your pie hole,

***I knew you were a really classy broad underneath it all.

but the nonsense and the doublespeak that radiates from the void between your ears. See, I’m still doing it, but what can I say, I don’t see a normal lifespan for my generation, so I tend to be a little impulsive.

***Survival of the could a nubbins such as yourself make it out in the world... Is it a full scholarship?

Since I’ll be going back home very soon, this will probably be my last opportunity to unload this monkey on my back.

***Keep it...looks good on you.

And as difficult as this is for me I’m going to grit my teeth and say it: I went over the line in, “Thank You Fred.” Not that I didn’t mean it, but I broke my own code of conduct, so I’m admitting I was wrong.

***You remind me of our other born again sweetheart Julia...or whatever her last name was. She too would come on with pious cant about how she was drenched in the blood of some poor sheep somewhere, or some such disgusting image...then tell me to get fucked in the next holy breath. No wonder you guys believe in´re so damn full of rot yourselves, over which you paste this sanctimonius veneer...and you blame every woman in a low cut dress for arousing the "devil" in you...when it´s your own filthy desires peeking through.

***You´re angry at me because without even knowing you my words make a mockery of your pompous righteousness...I blow your cover...of course you hate me, I would too. I think you´re cute and kind of dopey, like the rest of your heroic tribe of patriots...who can angry when I can´t take you seriously??? Relax...we´re all Bozos on this bus.

: I’d stay and chat, but it’s time to pack my bag’s. I have to leave in a couple of days and I probably won’t be back for quite a while, but I won’t forget you Lead Head. I’ll be back one day and if your Forum is still alive and kicking, you’ll be hearing from me.

***You can only improve. Maybe by then you´ll know who you are.

: Oh, by the way, I don’t want to leave you with the impression that I’m totally preoccupied with the serious side of life, so I thought I’d close with a little humor.
: Ashur


***What passes for humor with you guys is just acid reflux...that tingling of your assholes that you mistake for a funnybone. you ARE humor...what you THINK is funny...isn´t. No need to tell a joke...just show up and speak...for god´s sake JUST´ll have them rolling in the aisles.

***I´m not Dem or Repub...I don´t vote. I´m waiting for a Fascist takeover and then I´ll join the France. Almost everyone you talk to fought with the Underground in France.

-- panchmaster
-- signature .

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