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Posted by sankho from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 0:46AM :

In Reply to: Re: Why Muslim Assyrians can't exist...... posted by panchmaster from ( on Sunday, November 17, 2002 at 0:20AM :

: ++++Ahh...I've got you there...the Assyrians that were...went out and got killed defending their Homeland....the survivors ran... went into shock and hiding..."who Assyrian"? And they're still at it. You see anything remotely Assyrian in most of these guys?

While some Assyrians were converting to Christianity, the others were out doing a Homeland Security thingie were they? And they got killed in the process? What event/s are you referring to? I don't recall any 'mass defense' of Assyrianism by the new wave of Christianity........ The way I've read history is that everyone in Nissibin pretty much converted to Christianity fairly painlessly.... what was left of Assyrianism at that time was disorganised, un-unified, scattered paganism - you know, sun or moon or whatever worship.... there was hardly anyone left worshipping the city god Assur... there in fact was no strict concept of a 'homeland'.......?

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