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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 8:59PM :

In Reply to: Re: the point is this posted by sankho from ( on Thursday, November 21, 2002 at 7:19PM :

Wait a minute...prior to Saddam's falling for the the United States' con job...Iraq was doing very well, thank you. You try running a country that has such furious religious squabbles...not to mention a wide gap between rich and poor...modern and backward.

After the Revolutionary War in America...this country stole human beings and brought them here to rape in order to breed more product...we also jailed George Mason for debt because this patriot extended himself to borrow, beg and almost steal money for Washington'e armies...who had none. In gratitude and because of their laws...they jailed him, till his friends shamed the country into paying his debts...THEIR debts. Why do people become so unhinged, make themselves so damn stupid just to win a point for THEIR side. The people on this planet are ALL "your" people.

Try being a Shah and opening your country up while Mullahs squat on you. Then try all of this with the CIA and who knows what else infiltrating your country, bribing and buying and bumping people off.

Hell we just stopped lynching Blacks a few years ago...just what makes our horrors acceptable and gives us the right to go find fault with others? Amnesty International has been slamming this country for years for our own violations of Human Rights.

Just what actual evidence is there aginst Saddam, prior to 1980? Who did he kill? Just what did he do to Christians and Christian Assyrians? I don't buy all the bull about how he wanted to make Assyrian history into Arab history. That bit of myopia comes from our "experts" who claim Iraq is an Arab country...and then say anything Iraqi is really Arab...and since Saddam is president of Iraq and NOT Assyria or Chaldea or Babylon...and since he wants to pull his people together to identify themselves as one nation...largely again because of the circling sharks of the West...he gets blasted for making people into "Arabs"...when what he wants is a nation of Iraqis. There are no Arabs in Iraq.

Ashcroft and Bush want us all to be one kind of American...they're going to be looking out for un-American...un-cooperative...un-stupid people soon, and they could lock them away and we'll never know about it. Are you free just because you're ignorant and clueless?

How quickly we all run down the path pointed out to us.

-- pancho
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